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Blogs and articles are two ways we share valuable tips for military vets seeking federal employment. Check out some of our postings from the past year!

What a Federal Resume IS and IS NOT

At the Resume Place, when we give you a Free Project Review, we evaluate your resume to determine… Read more

18 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Working

Applying to federal jobs can be frustrating. If you’re racking your brain about why you’re not getting referred, Best Qualified, or interviewed for federal jobs, it’s time to rethink your resume… Read more

How to Start a Federal Resume Writing Project: Military and Veterans

Question: “I’m currently active duty military, and I’m looking to transition into a second career with the federal government… Read more

Moving? Tips for Military Spouses (and Everyone Else!)

If you’re ready to kickstart your federal job search before you leave, here are a few things that you can do well in advance of your move. Read more

Helping Veterans Ride the Wave of Hiring by Uncle Sam

The current wave of hiring of vets by the feds is encouraging to exiting military. However, the federal application process itself remains daunting and off-putting… Read more

Post 9/11 VETS – 68% Hired or Interviewed for a Federal Job with Professional Writing and Coaching – Part I

The odds are good that you will get an interview or get hired for a federal job, if you invest in a professional federal resume writer and coach to begin your search… Read more

Post 9/11 VETS ‒ 68% Hired or Interviewed with Professional Writing and Coaching ‒ Part II

Let’s look at 5 ways we can utilize our expertise to dramatically improve your chances in the federal job market… Read more

How Wounded Warriors Can Overcome Barriers to Federal Jobs

Recently the Resume Place, publisher of the Military to Federal Career Guide, 2nd Ed, interviewed Dennis Eley, Jr., Wounded Warrior Coordinator at the OCHR San Diego Operations Center, about the major barriers these vets face as well as the solutions… Read more

With 24.3% of Young Men Vets Unemployed, Military-to-Corporate Resumes Must Reinvent the Veteran

Nearly one-quarter of male veterans ages 18 to 24 are jobless, according to a 2014 government report. In preparing… Read more

Three Ways for Military Spouses to Find a Federal Job on a Military Base

A federal job is the best employment possibility for a military spouse, because there are federal agencies and government jobs on or near every military base in the world! However, landing your first federal job… Read more

To Choose the Best College Majors, Veterans Need Early Career Counseling, Data Shows

It’s a hard truth: Nearly half of recent veterans who use their GI Bill benefits to further their post-secondary… Read more

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