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Do you have a basic resume now? If not, we need a basic resume to begin building a Best Qualified FEDERAL RESUME. Begin writing your federal resume with our easy Federal Resume Builder: click here.

A Quality Federal Resume Is Worth the Investment

One of the toughest parts of a job search is crafting a competitive resume. Your resume is a single document that must convey not only your background, but also the unique qualities that differentiate you from a competitive applicant pool. This is even more the case for military veterans. After all, you have to translate your military background and skills into language that civilian hiring managers will understand.

Expert Federal Resume Writing, Announcement Analysis and Targeting Services Fees:

Minimum fee for any federal resume writing service, update or targeting a federal resume is 3 hours.
This is a tax deductible service. Ask for a specific quote with your current resume and target announcement.

Federal Resume for GS 5/7/9/11 Target Position: $140/hour

  • Average GS 5/7/9/11 federal resume takes 4 to 6 hours
  • Minimum time for WRITING is 4 hours
  • 2 hours: Federal Resume Mark-up, Keywords, Consulting, Two Reviews
Federal Resume for GS 12/13 Target Position: $175/hour (Senior Writer)

  • Average GS 12/13 federal resume takes 5 to 8 hours
  • Estimates are given
Federal Resume for GS 14/15 and SES Target Position: $199/hour (Senior Writer)

  • Average GS 14/15 and SES federal resume takes 7 to 12 hours
    Read more details about the 5 page SES Resume here
  • This is a tax deductible fee for career services
  • Estimates are given

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We require a 60% deposit to begin your project. The final 40% will be automatically charged on the same credit card when the final resume is delivered. This is a tax deductible service.

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When you purchase our Resume Writing service as a veteran, you’ll move through the following steps:

  1. We’ll need your documents from your military service. This includes a basic resume that you wrote in your TAP class. That resume will be short – just a two pager – but it’s a good start for a federal resume. We’re going to need transcripts for training that you’ve received and a list of your awards and recognitions. So the first thing we need for the federal resume writing are the documents, the dates and the facts.
  2. We’ll need to have a target vacancy announcement so we can make a list of keywords that we’ll include in the resume. We’ll show you those keywords and build the content of your resume to match those keywords and that announcement.
  3. We’re going to coach you on writing out accomplishments for your military career, especially from the last 5 years. Then we’ll have them to add to your resume and you’ll stand out because of it.
  4. Your resume writer will begin writing your federal resume. We’re going to write the duties and responsibilities for each of your positions over the last 10 or 15 years. And we’re going to use language which is translated into descriptions which will be useful for your next career. We’ll review and change any acronyms or technical terms so that the resume is understandable to a non-military human resources person.
  5. We’ll show this new resume to you, and make sure it looks great. We’ll make sure you understand how we’ve translated the military experience into your federal resume.
  6. Are you trying to change your career from a certain MOS to a different government job title? If so, we’ll talk about the translatable skills and competencies from the military experience that will relate over to the federal. Career-change resumes are challenging but very doable.
  7. Lastly, we would need to look at the Vacancy Announcement Questionnaire and coach you on responding to the questions. We would make sure the resume matches the Questionnaire, and that you’ve given the best answers possible so that we can help you get Best Qualified.
  8. We’ll make sure you have your USAJOBs account set up correctly. This includes checking that you’re applying to the position with the right documents. We want you to be set for applying for federal jobs. Applying is pretty technical, and we’ll help you with getting the details right.

For additional announcements and additional positions, we’re are here to help you apply for a second job announcement or a second occupational series. This may require a new set of keywords and a new discussion about that new position. But we’re here to help you apply for federal positions successfully until you’re hired.

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