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Over the past two years, we’ve been tracking our results with veterans through three different studies. In total, we contacted 91 resume writing clients to see how their military to federal job search campaigns were going. We heard back from 78 people and found that 58% of them had been hired into federal positions.

We asked Margaret Riley Dikel, originator of The Riley Guide to online job searching and a consultant to career professionals, to help us put that 58% result in perspective. She responded that “A hired rate of 58% is nothing short of amazing and is well above average, considering the downward trend in federal hiring. It also tracks well above the private sector’s average.”

To further illustrate her comparisons, Dikel shared some news about the tightening of federal hiring from a Federal Eye column in the Washington Post (uses fiscal year 2013 data):

  • “Hiring into federal jobs has slowed to the lowest level in nine years…”
  • “Most of the newcomers are replacing departing employees, rather than filling newly

She also pointed out data that shows the difficulty private industry jobseekers are experiencing (from the Monster Workforce Talent 2014 Survey):

Number of applications/resumes per jobseeker

  • 29% – 20 or less
  • 21% – 21-40
  • 50% – more than 40

Specific difficulties faced

  • More than half (53%) were most challenged by getting employers to contact them
  • 42% said it was hard to find a job that matched what they wanted
  • 34% said it was difficult to find opportunities for which they were qualified

Looking back at our Resume Place numbers, in addition to the 58% of vets hired rate…

  • Another 14% were interviewed
  • Plus 6.5% were referred to Federal Human Resources for consideration

That brings the total number of our veteran resume clients who stood out from the other applicants and had some success with their job search to be a total of 78.5%!

Since we crunched The Resume Place’s numbers for veterans’ fed job success, 5 more of these clients were successful in getting hired. You can trust our consultants to target a specific occupational series or vacancy announcement with your relevant skills and experience. Our Resume Place trainers are trusted instructors hired by the federal agencies themselves to cover the topics of the federal job search and writing targeted federal resumes.

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