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Congratulations – you’ve made it to the interview! Now it’s time to practice and get prepared for an oral examination for a federal job.

The interview is called a Behavior-Based Interview. It is, on average, a 30-45 minute minimum interview with 5-7 questions that are job-related and open-ended. Open-ended questions cannot be answered with a simple yes or no, and they require answers that have been given more thought.

This service will prepare you to answer job-specific questions, and coach you on telling stories and giving examples that will demonstrate your past experience.

This interview is a test and does require practice and preparation. Don’t think that you can go in and just talk about your past experiences and pass this test.

Additionally, there may be Scenario Tests for specific agencies. FEMA, the FBI, other intelligence agencies, and many other departments of the federal government will ask for actual job-related scenario tests. In preparing for a scenario test, the best thing to do is practice actual work that you might do on the job. The type of scenario tests that will be done depends on the job. An example is showing that you would be able to handle an angry client.

It is smart to prep and think about a possible scenario test as well as an interview test.

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