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What are the advantages for vets in applying for federal jobs rather than for work in the private sector?

Federal jobs are very stable. People usually get a federal job and continue in the government for many years. In fact, they have very strong possibilities for promotion and additional training. So most veterans are interested because of the stability, benefits, and flexibility of federal jobs, which is much better than in the private sector or with government contracting.

Why should I consider getting help with my federal resume and my campaign to land a federal job?

Our federal employment experts can help you determine what position in the federal government is the best fit for your experience and your education. You won’t have to guess what position is right for you, which is a bad idea because the federal government uses its own terminology for job titles. The federal jobs expert can also tell you which grade and salary level you would best qualify for.

In addition, the employment specialist can analyze your skills and experience for federal jobs and translate your military experience toward federal job duties. This is very important for the Human Resources Specialist who will review your application. They need your military language translated into “federal job speak.” And your resume must be targeted for a specific federal position if you want to be successful in getting hired.

How can hiring a professional federal resume writer, in particular, make a difference?

It will save you time when applying for federal jobs. If your resume is not done right from the beginning, you could apply for 50 to a 100 positions over many months and barely be considered eligible for any of them.

On the other hand, if the resume is done right the first time, you may be able to get Best Qualified and Referred for 10 to 20 positions and possibly have interviews within a month.

On their own, people are sending out hundreds of applications – and they can be looking for a federal job for years if their resume is not targeted towards certain positions.

They may be using a private industry resume (instead of the required federal resume), or a resume that is too short. We hear horror stories about people applying for federal jobs and getting no results.

Many wait way too long to get help.

Why should I choose the Resume Place as the firm to write my resume and help me with my federal job search?

Our Certified Federal Resume Writers are experts at writing military federal resumes. They know how to translate the military skills to the federal occupational series. They understand how your military public service experience can translate over to civilian public service.

In fact, we are trainers of military transition counselors all over the world.

Also, Federal Human Resources accepts our Outline Format as the best way to write a federal resume.

If the Department of Defense Joint Services trusts us to train their staff, you should trust us to write your federal resume and guide you in your federal job search.

What are the key services I should consider?

The first could be a Federal Career Consultation, in order to determine what federal job is right for you and which grade level. And also to do a survey of USAJOBs (, the federal government’s official job website, to find positions that you should target to begin your campaign.

We also recommend to learn how the Veterans’ Preference hiring program will help you land a job and how to navigate federal hiring because it is very technical.

Federal Resume Writing is highly recommended. A professionally written resume can result in faster results for getting Best Qualified and Referred to a supervisor for consideration for the position.

If you are not sure what to order or what help is needed for your resume, you can start with our Federal Resume Review, a highly valuable service at a very affordable price. Our experts will evaluate your resume and talk with you about how to improve your resume so that you can get Best Qualified for a position.

What are some other services that vets have found helpful?

Interview preparation is a great idea for veterans. It’s possible that you have never had an interview for a job before. It’s great to practice talking about your experiences and your competencies before you go into a job interview.

We can tell you about the federal interview format and how to practice and prepare specifically for that interview. We can also discuss possible scenario testing that might come up for you.

We can help you with additional occupational series resumes too. If you want to target a second occupational series, we can help you write a second resume. We will use different keywords so that the resume is targeted again.

There is also Application Coaching. We can help you with your USAJOBs account, making sure that the profile is set up correctly, that the right documents are uploaded, that Questionnaire questions are answered correctly and that the resume is in the builder correctly or uploaded, so that when you apply for a job, the documents are all there and you know how to navigate both the USAJOBs system and the Questionnaire system.

Can you help me make sure that I have all the documentation I need to supply when applying as a veteran?

Yes, when you work with us, the first thing we’ll do is ask if you have your DD 214, your VA Letter, and transcripts that might be needed for federal jobs. We’ll ask you to find these documents and upload them into your USAJOBs account right away. Rather than waiting until the deadline.

How about Veterans’ Preference… do you give advice on that?

Yes, we can help you determine what hiring preference you’re qualified for related to Veterans’ Preference. And we’ll steer you to websites where you can learn more about Veterans’ Preference.

We’ll explain to you how the veterans points can help you go into a higher bucket of hiring and what a difference this can make in competing for federal jobs.

Can you help me determine if I’m qualified for any other special hiring programs for vets?

Yes, we will go over the programs and where they match your situation, making this clear to you. For instance, we will discuss your disability, if you have one. Whether you would qualify for 10 points or not, or 30% or more disabled.

Has your firm worked with Wounded Warriors?

We have extensive experience with Wounded Warriors, and we are very good at helping you to determine how to write on your resume about the period of time while you’ve been recuperating, how to put that down on your resume and explain the training or internships or time you spent recuperating.

We do recommend that you cover that time in the resume and be prepared to talk about it in the interview.

Do you work with vets who have already been applying on their own without success?

Absolutely, we work with many vets who have been trying on their own for years. For example, some veterans have gone into government contracting and have been trying for federal jobs for years.

We look at the veteran’s resume to determine which job is right for them. We troubleshoot what’s wrong with their resume and what they have not been featuring correctly. We make recommendations on how to change the resume so that it matches the federal job better.

What is your track record in working with veterans seeking federal employment?

We did a study just last year with 91 veterans we had worked with.

We heard back from 78 of them. I am pleased to say that 58% of them were hired into a federal job.

This was over a period of two years, and in fact we were updating this recently and 5 more were hired.

We have a very high ratio of helping our veterans get hired.

We have excellent consulting services for targeting the resume, writing the resume in the outline format, and coaching you to apply correctly.

Our resumes for vets are outstanding.

Do you work with people in the Reserve or National Guard, who have had dual careers for a number of years and have a complex background to cover in their resumes?

Yes, we have extensive experience with Reserve and Guard, and we are aware of your multiple combat deployments and emergency deployments. We will talk to you about your years and months that you have been working in deployments, the specialized training that you received, several units that you may have been assigned to, and also about your civilian experience. And we will figure out a way to determine which career you’re going to follow next ‒ your Reserve or Guard experience that you have been gaining recently or the corporate experience you had before you were on deployment. We are very well able to help you figure out what’s next for you based on that dual career that you’ve been managing for 5 to 8 years.

How do I get started?

Simply select one of our outstanding services, and we will get your started right away. If you are not sure what you need, we recommend our highly valuable yet affordable Federal Resume Review service. With this service, you will get to talk with a former federal Human Resources Specialist to find out what you need to do to improve your resume in order to get Best Qualified for a position.

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