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What kind of jobseeker are you? Our consultations are targeted to your specific needs, depending on your answer to that question. We want to help you get moving in the right direction for greater success with your federal job search.

Enlisted or Veteran

We’ll talk about your military experience, plus your training and skills. We’ll also translate that particular technical experience to a mission where you could be determined best qualified.

We’ll talk about these experiences, and the match to a federal job.

Reservists / Guards

The first thing we’ll talk about is your active duty deployments and the dates when you were deployed and the physical locations where you were working. We’ll also talk about the specific technical training you received.

Then we’ll talk about your civilian career skills and employment, as well as what you want to do next.

We need to talk about how to put the two together… your reservist experience and your civilian experience… to determine which position would be the best for your next career.


We’ll talk about the last 10 years of your leadership experience ‒ where you have been and the positions you’ve held. Plus the leadership responsibilities that you’ve had.

We’ll translate that senior officer language into words that the Senior Human Resources Specialist will understand, and determine which federal job is right for you and your career.

Be aware that it’s very complex translating military officer to a federal position. But here at the Resume Place we’ve navigated applicants through this process for many years.

Wounded Warriors

We’ll talk about the period of time when you’ve been getting well from your injuries, what you’ve been doing in terms of training and workshops, and getting back to work again.

It’s very important to discuss the work you were doing in the military and how that will translate to your next federal career.

We’ll discuss the Schedule A Letter, and how this Letter can help you qualify for a position though the Selective Placement Coordinator as well as the Veteran’s Representative at the agency.

Most importantly, we’ll talk about what skills you want to use next and what position you want to target. We’ll look for federal jobs that will be right for you to begin your career again.

This consult will cover Veterans’ Preference as well, how it can work for you, and how hiring works with Veterans’ Preference.

Military Spouses

We’ll talk, first of all, about Program S, and whether you can qualify through the Program for Department of Defense positions in the United States. We’ll talk about your past experiences and skills and translate them for federal positions. We’ll look at USAJOBS for positions that will be right for you. We will also help you understand federal hiring so that you can begin a quality career as you accompany your spouse in the military service.

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