SES Application Writing Webinar Training

Pre-Course Individual Discussion

One-on-one discussion with Nicole Schultheis about your current documents, objectives, time-line, time schedule for the written works, and upcoming announcements. After this discussion, you will be assigned to an SES expert consultant / writer for the individualized training and coaching for the remainder of the series.

Webinar 1: Overview of the SES Application Writing Process

Learn the basics of the SES application and application writing process, including: the Executive Review Board, the OPM Quality Review Board Process, and the Top Ten List of Accomplishments.

Homework: Write your Top Ten List of Accomplishments for instructor review

Webinar 2: ECQs and Leadership Competencies

Learn about the ECQs and the Leadership Competencies. Review your Top Ten List of Accomplishments draft. Learn how to map them to the ECQs and to the Leadership Competencies.

Homework: Map your Top Ten List of Accomplishments to the ECQs for instructor review.

Webinar 3: Writing the ECQs

Learn about the CCAR (Context/Challenge/Action/Result) format for writing the ECQs. Get an introduction to the OPM ECQ Review Grid.

Homework: Write two accomplishments in the CCAR format for the traditional SES application for instructor review.

Webinar 4: Executive Federal Resume

Find out how to write an executive federal resume in the outline format using keywords from the vacancy announcement.

Homework: Send in the current draft of your executive federal resume with lessons from the webinar for instructor review.

Webinar 5: Five-Page SES Resume

Learn about how the Five-Page SES Resume differs from the traditional Executive Federal Resume and 10-page ECQ format.

Homework: Write two accomplishments in the short format for instructor review

Webinar 6: Technical Qualifications (TQs) and Executive Interviews

Learn to write TQs to get Best Qualified, and/or continue working on the Executive Federal Resume. Learn how to prepare for the Behavior-Based Executive Interview.

Homework: Write at least one Technical Qualification narrative for instructor review. Send your federal resume for review by the instructor.

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