Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

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Attention aspiring ALJs: In light of the anticipated dissolution of the current ALJ Register, pursuant to Exec. Ord. No. 13,843, 83 Fed. Reg. 32,755 (July 10, 2018), and concomitant guidance from OPM, we are now providing a one-hour consultation to provide direction and support for your efforts to apply to the new round of ALJ announcements that will be published by SSA and other agencies that hire ALJs. As soon as we see the next Administrative Law Judge announcement, we can advise you how and whether to adjust your current resume. Although the exact nature of the application process has yet to be announced, we anticipate that the same format and style of resume as recommended for other senior adjudicative roles will still apply. Meanwhile, if you have not previously worked with us to prepare a judicial resume (whether IJ, AJ, APJ or ALJ), or other senior attorney resume, we recommend starting with our one-hour consult service. All current services are listed below for ALJ / IJ and other Senior Attorney Federal applications. If purchased, you will be working with our senior writer/consultant, Nicole Schultheis.

ALJ / IJ / Senior Attorney Resume: $1800. Order here. Full payment or at least a 60% deposit ($1080) is required to begin work. Represents approximately 8 hours of consulting and editorial services at $225 per hour. If you need to respond quickly to a current Immigration Judge (IJ) announcement or other GS-15 and higher attorney announcements or have previously sat for/or applied to the ALJ exam, but did not prepare a federal-style resume for the hiring agency at that time, this is the service to purchase. Includes sample resume and other helpful materials.

Structured Interview Prep: $580. Have you been invited for an interview with EOIR (Immigration Judge) or other agency for a senior legal or adjudicative role (ALJ, AJ, APJ, etc.)? More info on this 2-part coaching service with mock interview, critique, and supporting materials (2.5 hours, total) here.

QRFs and other Narratives: $225 per hour. Immigration Judge announcements require six (6) narratives in addition to the resume. Other senior attorney and adjudicative announcements may likewise require submission of narrative cover letters or statements. Purchase the $225 consult above for a specialized quote and review of materials.

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Since 2010, Maryland attorney Nicole Schultheis has supported candidates seeking to become Administrative Law Judges, Immigration Judges, Administrative Judges, and Administrative Patent Judges. She has taught resume writing to aspiring legal candidates and others at numerous Federal agencies, successfully helping those seeking executive leadership roles at the Department of Justice and its components, as well as agencies across the Executive Branch. For more than 25 years, Nicole led her own law firm in Baltimore, Maryland before her focus shifted to teaching, writing, and professional mentorship.

The Resume Place coaches, instructs, reviews and provides consulting, writing and editorial services for aspiring SES members who are writing their ECQs. RP teaches ECQ Writing in many government agencies, especially for Leadership Development Programs. Our book, The New SES Application, gives examples, definitions and insight for writing the ECQs. Nicole Schultheis is our lead SES writer with many years of expertise writing successful ECQs on behalf of applicants and agency selectees across government.

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