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“Hello Ms. Troutman, Thank you very much for the interview preparation. The interview went well and I found having my key accomplishments and a list of my core competencies extremely helpful. “
“I have to say again how great the “interview prep” that we conducted ended up preparing me for the three person interview panel. It was absolutely worth it!”
“Hi Kathryn ! One of the interview panel members wrote asking me if I was still interested in the position and how he really enjoyed my interview and how he believes I would be a great fit in the office.. Does this basically mean I have job and am going to be hired??? Kathryn: YES, let’s negotiate!”
“Kathryn, You can put me in the win column. I have an offer (GS13) pending a skills test on the 18th and background check. I am like the dog that caught the car: what next? I have been at this process so long. I had lost sight of the fact that this is a real job.”
“Kathryn, I just found out I had another job application referred (Writer/Editor for HHS, Alexandria). I used the same resume, but changed the title next to my name to refer to the job! Exciting! “
“Kathryn, Thanks for all your help. I really would have been unprepared if you had not walked me through the process and jogged my memory on my experience. The majority of the questions were based upon past supervision experience. They were not the best questions, but with the ones you had for guidance really helped.”
“After participating in a simulated interview with Ms. Guild, I felt confident on the day I met with the deciding officials. Her suggestions … greatly contributed to my selection three weeks after my meeting.”

Introducing our Interview Coaches:

nicole-schultheisNicole Schultheis


John Gagnon

All Levels

Testimonial: Ms. Troutman and Ms. Sikora,

I wanted to thank both of you for your assistance in preparing me for the next step in my gov career.  Pam re-worked my resume and actually told me about the interview prep service.  Ms Troutman, your interview prep session was awesome and I felt very prepared going into my interview. This was my first promotional interview and if I had not walked through it with you I would have been in right field.

I was finally provided a final job offer yesterday for the STEM position, and I accepted!

I couldn’t have gotten through the process without your assistance. Thanks, again!!!!

Our writers and consultants are carefully selected and trained as Certified Federal Resume Writers, Certified Federal Job Search Trainers and Certified Federal Career Coaches. This expert staff has a wide range of professional and writing experience to serve all of our clients well in their federal and private industry job search.

Want to read more about our expert writers and consultants? Check out some of our accomplishments written in the CCAR (Context, Challenge, Action, Results) format to help YOU write your accomplishments. Read the accomplishments

Congratulations! You made it to the interview!  Make sure you’re prepared by knowing what to expect and how to respond.  Federal job interviews are tests and your answers will be scored. The job is within your grasp…if you perform well.  Invest in your future by working with one of our expert interview coaches to improve your interview techniques and boost your self-confidence.

Our interview preparation is conducted by phone and is designed to help you prepare for the Performance Based Interview (PBI). With PBI, the interviewer carefully defines the skills needed for the job and structures the interview process to elicit behavioral examples of past performance.

You may select a one- or two-hour preparation session. Write your Interview stories with our CCAR Accomplishment Builder. We will practice your accomplishments with you in our PBI Behavior-Based Interveiw Practice sessions! Be Prepared! Practice!


Performance Based Interview Training – Designed for Entry to Mid-Level Candidates

Get ready for your Behavior-Based Interview! In a two-part phone consultation (45 minutes, total), we will provide you with:

  • An introduction to the Behavior-Based Interview
  • A discussion about government interview formats, using OPM’s own guidelines
  • Sample questions and ratings, based on questions actually used by the government
  • A review of the target announcement to provide insight into the appropriate level skills and competencies for the target position
  • An opportunity to practice your best success story

We need at least 2–3 working days to schedule this service.

Order Now Fee: $495

Testimonial: Kathryn Troutman

“Kathryn helped me understand how I needed to retool my resume and prepare differently for interviews for supervisory jobs. Her help enabled me to get referred and selected within a few months. I wouldn’t have been able to move up into a management role without her help.”

— David S. Nov. 1, 2018 —


Recommended for Executive Level, SES, SL, SE & ALJ candidates

The Performance-Based Structured Interview is founded on the premise that recent past behavior is the best predictor of future performance in similar circumstances. A Performance-Based Structured Interview consists of carefully planned, job-related questions that are scored systematically to identify highly qualified job candidates.

An expert federal interview trainer will prepare you for this type of interview, giving you the insights and confidence you need. This service is conducted in person or by phone. Training is completed in two sessions (150 minutes, total). Your fee covers additional time needed for the instructor to review your resume, narratives, employer materials, and other documents as needed.

The first session will focus upon the accomplishments and message that you want to present in your interview. The instructor will prepare a full set of questions for the second session, which will be a scored, mock Performance-Based Interview. The second session will include individual question feedback, and tips on how to improve your overall presentation. The mock interview session and critique will be recorded and provided to you afterwards in mp3 format. Specific topics include:

  • Understand the interview structure and the scoring process, which evaluates behavioral benchmarks
  • Create a framework for responding to questions such as “Tell us about yourself,” “What makes you a good applicant for this position?” and “Why do you want this job?”
  • Map your accomplishments by leadership qualifications and/or other specialized competencies, and use a proven method for developing a narrative response to the interview questions
  • Connect your answers to the mission and strategic objectives of the organization
  • Learn a framework for responding to hypothetical questions
  • Practice your responses in a recorded mock interview, answering performance-based questions tailored expressly for you
  • Question-by-question critique plus an overall review of the mock interview, to gain insights for improving interview performance
  • Understand how to answer the unscored supplemental interview “fit” questions and follow post interview etiquette
  • Access your session recording after the second session, so that you can review your performance and improve your interview skills
  • Follow appropriate post interview etiquette

We need at least one week to schedule the two appointments for this service.

Order Now Fee: $680

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