SES Success Stories

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SES Success Stories

Read a small sample of our many SES Success Stories.  We are privileged to have an opportunity to contribute to these success stories, and we hope to do the same for you.


“I just wanted to let you know that my package was certified by OPM last week. I will begin my new SES appointment as of this coming Sunday. Thanks and best wishes.”

– Applicant went from a GS position to a SES position as Deputy Assistant Inspector General after coming to The Resume Place for an Executive SES Resume, a set of ECQs, and a set of TQs. Package was written in advance of an anticipated position, and then modified to fit specific qualifications for the vacancy announcement when it was posted.


“I wanted to let you know that I did get the job. You helped me with my resume and I’m very grateful. I want to thank you for your help in updating and improving my SES resume and helping me to craft the ECQs. I firmly believe that your help in developing a clear and forceful resume was a big part of my landing this SES position. Thanks again.”

– Former US Postal Employee landed an SES position with the Thrift Savings Plan. She worked with The Resume Place on drafting a 5-Page SES Resume, a set of traditional ECQs and an SES Executive Resume. Applicant applied for 5 positions and was interviewed for all of them. She was selected by the TSP from among 60 applicants.


“Thank you for your help. My essays were approved, and I will be permanent in my position. I am excited for the opportunity!”

– Applicant went from GS to a SES position with the Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs (OSORA). Her ECQs were originally disapproved, so she came for help from The Resume Place. We rewrote all of the client’s stories in the CCAR format, interviewing her to develop strong leadership stories. The client’s ECQs were then approved by OPM with the rewrite and she was officially hired into the SES.

Military to Federal

“I was offered a job! It was from the first interview that I conducted. Many thanks for the coaching – it certainly helped me. It put me in the right frame of mind and assisted me in my preparations. The position is a GS15 (entry level) for Director.

It was clearly a combination of you writing my resume for me and your coaching of me for my interview that got me the job. As a senior leader in the Army, I devoted nearly all my time to my job. Thinking about writing a resume was quite overwhelming. When I saw the first draft of the resume, I was amazed that you were able to prepare it not only as quickly as you did, but as thoroughly as well. Many, many thanks for all your help.”

– Applicant had been with the military for over 20 years. She had never written a resume or engaged in a job interview. The Resume Place drafted both a federal resume and a private industry resume to ensure she had opportunities in both sectors. When it was time to prepare for the SES interview, we provided interview coaching and conducted some mock interviews. To her delight, she was hired into a much more senior level than she imagined was possible with the Biometrics Identity Management Agency (BIMA).


“I was offered the position and will begin soon. I appreciated your help with my resume and interview preparation. You provided very good tips, were responsive, and kept me motivated.”

– Applicant decided to leave the military to move across the county with her husband. The Resume Place drafted a resume focused on translating her military service. Client applied for 8 jobs, got 3 interviews and was offered a GS-13 position as a Support Services Supervisor.


“Thank you for your service. You are excellent to work with, very detailed, and provide the personal touch to developing my resume and message. You have gone above and beyond what I expected. Until I started with you, I had received no interviews. After working with you, I have received four interviews, three at the Senior Executive Service level of government. You have far exceeded my expectations in the service provided and truly feel the cost is well worth the assistance I am receiving.”

– This Military Officer worked with The Resume Place on his resume to incorporate the requirements for specific senior level positions. We crafted the traditional SES and ECQ resume package and the 5-Page SES resume. The applicant also received interview coaching via phone and Skype.

 Military to Private Industry Executive

“I landed an amazing position with a Fortune 500 energy company. Thanks for your help… it all paid off! Where you specifically fit in is that I wasn’t able to see the forest for the trees anymore in getting my military experience to translate into civilian terms. You helped significantly in that regard.”

– Applicant leveraged new tools he gained from his work with The Resume Place and landed a solid job with an exciting energy company at the Director level. When he came to us, this client was unsure of his direction and was having little luck with his job search. In federal and private industry resumes, we translated his military background into language that would be understood by HR and also provided coaching on how to network. 

Acceptance into the SES Career Development Program (CDP)

“Thank you very much for your help getting my package together. I look forward to working with you and your team in the future! You guys are a big reason it worked out.”

– GS-15 Applicant landed a Department of Homeland Security CDP slot after The Resume Place crafted a strong Executive SES Resume concisely conveying the client’s work history, record of accomplishment, and mastery of each ECQ competency. He was one of 37 candidates chosen out of 2,300 applicants!


“I just got notification today that I’ve been officially accepted into the Asian American Government Executives Network SES Candidate Development Program! Your assistance and expertise with my resume and ECQs were absolutely the difference-makers in this process. Thank you for your help.”

– This federal employee came to The Resume Place seeking development of his ECQs, Executive Resume, TQs, and 5-Page SES Resume. We developed a full package of SES-level documents, which he can update with details from his CDP experiences. He was thrilled to be accepted into the Career Development Program.

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