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Executive Federal Resume Fee:
$199 per hour

The Executive Federal Resume project will average 5 to 10 hours, depending on your current resume. To begin your Executive Federal Resume, please pay a deposit of $500.00.


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“I wanted to let you know the results of my QRB review.
The documents were approved with the comment that
it was one of the best packages OPM had seen in a long while!
Thanks for all your help and kudos to The Resume Place.”

The first part of the total SES application that will be reviewed by the agency Executive Review Board is most often your Executive Federal Resume. For this reason and more, you’ll want it to be of the finest quality. The resume must match the Executive Core Qualification (ECQs), cover the Technical Qualifications, present your highest level of expertise and specialized experience, and be presented in about five pages.

The Executive Federal Resume that will accompany the SES Traditional 10-Page ECQs must MATCH the ECQs. Our process is to write the ECQs first, and then edit the ECQs into short statements, and add them to the resume.

We also analyze the vacancy announcement and prepare a list of keywords and specialized experience. We will prepare a short list of keywords that will be matched to your resume. Then we will build the descriptions of your work experience history to match the announcement leadership and skills experience.

The Technical Qualifications will be reviewed carefully for keywords and specialized experience to be covered in the executive resume through your most recent positions.

Additionally, the resume will be edited to feature the highest level of experience and emphasize the last 10 years of your career. We will edit prior experience and synopsize the important training and education sections. Our SES writer will write a short executive profile that will emphasize your “leadership brand” and the expertise you bring to your target agency.


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