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SES ECQ Writing / Developmental Editing / Consulting Services
All services quoted at $199 per hour

All services include a PDF of our book The New SES Application, 2nd Edition: Includes valuable sample ECQs, a 5-page Executive Federal Resume, and 3 sets of Top Ten Lists of Accomplishments.

1 Hour Written Quote for SES ECQ package writing from one of our SES Senior Writers. (Sorry, we do not give free quotes for writing or re-writing SES ECQ packages. They take an hour to build the quote from review your drafts, announcement and documents). 1 hour – $199; Order Now. Quote within 3 working days.

2 Hour SES ECQ Consultation: Includes a one-on-one discussion about ECQ writing and a review of two pages of narrative – send us a single, 2-page ECQ or two 1-page stories from different ECQs – 2 hours; $398; Order Now Appointment within 4 working days.

The 1st Step Creating Your ECQs

At The Resume Place, the first step in creating your SES submission materials is crafting outstanding Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) based on your leadership accomplishments within the last 10 years.

Our ECQ writing and consulting services are critical to your success for the following reasons:

The ECQs Will Make or Break Your SES Application
This 10-page executive leadership narrative will be a proud statement of what you have achieved as an executive and will determine whether your application qualifies to be presented to the Quality Review Board (QRB).

The ECQs Are a Written Executive Leadership Test That Is Scored by the QRB
The five ECQs and the associated 28 competencies are essentially a TEST that the Qualifications Review Board will use. Each ECQ will be scored based on the competencies, the writing style, the accomplishments (which must be at the senior executive level), and the entire narrative.

We’ve Developed a Highly Successful Process for This Very Difficult Writing Project
Our Top 10 Accomplishment coaching and writing process is very successful. It is a proven step-by-step process, which is included in our acclaimed SES guidebook The New SES Application and all of the SES ECQ Writing Courses that we teach for Leadership, Career Development, and Executive Candidacy courses in Government Agencies. It is also an integral part of the individualized SES Application Writing Webinar Training we offer directly to SES candidates.

RESULTS: Our ECQs and overall SES expertise will increase your score with the agency ERB and the Office of Personnel Management’s Quality Review Board.

2 hour consulting & needs review: Within 5 Working Days
5 or 7 hour Mark-Up of the ECQs: Within 7 Working Days
Full-Service writing: 2 to 3 weeks

Average time required for the 5 page SES resume: 10 to 12 hours
We need your Top Ten List of Accomplishments to begin the writing!
We need a minimum of 7 days to write any SES ECQ project.

Request a Quote for Your SES Application

Nicole Schulthies’ Top Five Tips for your
5 page SES CDP Federal Resume!

ONE. Use clear, simple, and direct language. Use first person implied, steer clear of jargon, and replace buzz words with real words. Get rid of useless adjectives and adverbs and use strong, interesting nouns and verbs instead. Use active (“Led $4M program…”) not passive voice (“Was responsible for…”).

TWO. Display real leadership accomplishments – especially those at the program or enterprise level – and describe them in leadership terms. In other words, no “helped,” “supported,” “was tasked to” etc. Synopsize them in CCAR (Challenge-Context-Actions-Results) summaries that reveal your actual leadership challenges and your actual leadership actions that delivered mission-focused, organizational outcomes, with at least 1 key example (but preferably 2) aligned to each of the 5 ECQs subjects.

THREE. Use metrics to describe duties and responsibilities as well as organizational outcomes. Size of budget managed? Number of employees supervised? Percentage change achieved through your efforts or what period of time?

FOUR. Focus on recent and relevant jobs and accomplishments, devoting most of the job block space to GS-14/15 jobs and accomplishments within the past 10 years, less to jobs/accomplishments at the GS-13 level, and very little to jobs and activities that took place more than 10 years ago or were at even lower levels.

FIVE. Respect the eyes and sensibilities of your readers. Which means pay attention to aesthetics, proofread your work, respect white space on the page, and use the right words (for example, it’s “tenets” not “tenants”). Achieve consistent formatting. Use Word’s tools as well as your own common sense to help you achieve and maintain a consistent style (for example, if it says “U.S.” in one place it should not say “US” elsewhere; if it says “long-term goals” in one place it should not say “long term goals” somewhere else).

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