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9/20/2016: “Kathryn/Sharon, Just wanted to say thanks. I applied for another SES position using the documents you helped me create and was selected today by the selecting official. Thanks again!”
9/19/2016: “Kathryn, I want to ‘THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH’ for your assistance with my EPP application — I was accepted! :>) I believe your review of my application made the difference with my acceptance. Regards”
8/09/16: “Hi Nicole, I am pleased to update you on my SES CDP status. I was recently informed that the OPM QRB ‘approved me for non-competitive appointment to the Senior Executive Service.’ ”
7/28/16 – “Sharon, Congratulations! As seen in the quote, I have a foot wedged in the door. Wish me luck. ‘An independent review panel has determined that you are one of the most highly qualified candidates.’ “
7/21/16: “Sharon, I just received this note! ‘CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your ECQs have been approved!’ Thank you for your help! “
4/28/16: “Sharon, I just got offered the deputy CFO position!!!!!”
7/8/16: “Hi Nicole, You helped me revise my ECQs 1 and 2. Well you must have the magic touch! I was just informed that the QRB approved the revision and I am now SES certified. Thank you so much! I plan to refer a friend to your company as she may need some help with hers soon.”
4/25/16: “Kathryn / John: Wanted to let you both know that I cleared OPM! ECQ’s are certified! Words cannot express how deeply I appreciate your help in getting me through this process. This has been an absolute roller-coaster emotionally.”
2/3/16: Nicole, GOOD NEWS I just received this message: “You have been selected to interview for the position and we will be conducting interviews starting next week.”
01/08/15: “Nicole – you are a miracle worker! Thank you so much for your help and advice on my portfolio…I hope you have a blessed New Year.” (This was a QRB Turnaround)
12/29/15: “Sharon. The board approved my resubmission. 2015 has definitely been a year for learning and growing. Thanks for helping me get here.”
“Nicole – Thank you! Thank you! OPM certified my ECQ’s. I appreciate your support and thank you. “
“Rita, thought I would let you know that I made it past the initial review for the DHS SES CDP Program.Thanks again for all your help!”
“I learned the other day that my SES packet was approved by the QRB. It would take more than the QRB’s max of 5,200 words to express how grateful I am to you.”
“Nicole, Thanks for the assistance i writing my ECQs.. that hard and countless re-writes/edits paid off… I wanted to let you know that my ECQ’s were approved by the review board..”
“Nicole, As a result of your tremendous assistance, the OPM QRB certified my ECQs and I was subsequently appointed to the SES in July 2015.”
“Nicole, Thank you again for all your assistance. Your 100% record or QRB Success is still intact!”
“Barbara, yes, your email does indeed find me as a newly appointed member of the SES! I am certain that my success was due in very large part to you! Working with you was indeed a joy, and worth every single penny! Did I say thank you???…well, THANK YOU!”
“Just wanted to shoot you a note and let you know that I made the referral list for interviews for the Director Position. So kudos to you – – your work was a success!”

Get expert consulting, editing and writing services to help you write a competitive SES application.  Our SES Writers and Consultants know what the Office of Personnel Management and Quality Review Board are seeking in a best qualified ECQ narrative!

We are experts in both SES application formats:

The Traditional ECQs (ten pages) are a short narrative about the best leadership achievements you have lead and directed in the last ten years.

The 5 page SES resume is the most difficult resume format to write — in America today!

Here are a few of our beginning coaching questions for ECQ Writing:

  • How have you Lead Change in your organizations in the last ten years?
  • How have you Lead People in terms of diversity and developing others?
  • Are you Results Driven in terms of accountability, customer services and results?
  • Do you have Business Acumen, managing an operation, including people, resources and information technology?
  • Do you have ability in Building Coalitions, developing partnerships and negotiating solutions?

Our SES coaches, editors and writers are expert at helping you determine your best accomplishments for the ECQs. And then to turn the accomplishments into the mandated Context-Challenge-Action-Results story-telling writing style.  Our track record with writing the ECQs for the ERB and QRB are impressive!

Ask for information and a project review here.

CONSULTING FEES:  $190 per hour;  two hour min (two sessions)

  • “Thank you for an outstanding job preparing me for a Senior Executive Service (SES) opportunity. Your ability to transform the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) (that you were also instrumental in developing) into a 5-page SES resume was astounding. The package sailed through five of the seven steps in the VA’s extensive evaluation process. Your expert knowledge of ECQ and Technical Qualification fundamentals ensure easy clearing of the VA’s steps one and two (minimum ECQ and Technical Qualification screening). The quality of the package resulted in my package being rated ‘best qualified’ in step three (Executive Review Board rating and ranking). The initial help you provided in construction of a full set of ECQs was critical to my excelling in step four of the process (structured interview). I specifically want to thank you for sharing your knowledge in my preparation for step five (screening by nominating organization, which included a second interview).”
    Applicant was hired into a SES position at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), after working with The Resume Place on the various stages of his SES application
  • “I just heard from my agency. I have been offered and accepted the agency CFO position. Thank you for all your hard work on my resume. It made the difference! I’m so thrilled – can’t wait to start.”
    Applicant was hired as the CFO for a Large Healthcare Agency, after coming to The Resume Place and working with Kathryn Troutman on the 5-Page SES Resume
  • "Thanks so much for all your help with this project! Those write-ups looked great! I got the word yesterday that OPM approved my package. Thank you."
    Applicant went from GS to a SES position with The Office of the Inspector General after coming to The Resume Place for help in rewriting a set of disapproved ECQs in the CCAR format and to include the leadership competencies required for each ECQ category.

The 1st Step Creating Your ECQs

At The Resume Place, the first step in creating your SES submission materials is crafting outstanding Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) based on your leadership accomplishments within the last 10 years.

Our ECQ writing and consulting services are critical to your success for the following reasons:

The ECQs Will Make or Break Your SES Application
This 10-page executive leadership narrative will be a proud statement of what you have achieved as an executive and will determine whether your application qualifies to be presented to the Quality Review Board (QRB).

The ECQs Are a Written Executive Leadership Test That Is Scored by the QRB
The five ECQs and the associated 28 competencies are essentially a TEST that the Qualifications Review Board will use. Each ECQ will be scored based on the competencies, the writing style, the accomplishments (which must be at the senior executive level), and the entire narrative.

We’ve Developed a Highly Successful Process for This Very Difficult Writing Project
Our Top 10 Accomplishment coaching and writing process is very successful. It is a proven step-by-step process, which is included in our acclaimed SES guidebook The New SES Application and all of the SES ECQ Writing Courses that we teach for Leadership, Career Development, and Executive Candidacy courses in Government Agencies. It is also an integral part of the individualized SES Application Writing Webinar Training we offer directly to SES candidates.

RESULTS: Our ECQs and overall SES expertise will increase your score with the agency ERB and the Office of Personnel Management’s Quality Review Board.

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