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  • How to Create Outstanding Keyword Headers for Your Outline Format Federal Resume

    Here is something we have heard many times from misinformed federal jobseekers and even federal resume writers: “I still employ the ‘include the kitchen sink’ approach as I assume that the USAJOBS resumes are still first being read by computers.” No, no, no, no, and no. Federal resumes are read by actual people, not computers. Writing your federal resume for

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  • Finding Your Perfect Match

    Some people approach a federal job search like they would approach buying a home. “Here is my wish list: gourmet kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, in a good neighborhood with great schools, close commute, and within my ridiculously low budget.” Or, they might start surfing on USAJOBS and end up like a child in a candy shop. “Oh, wow, look

  • Does Your Federal Job Search Seem Never Ending?

    I love being with my kids, but often after a long school break, I sure could use a few blocks of time to focus on work without the endless distractions of meals, activities, and arguments. Following winter break this year, our January has consisted of 8 snow days, two sick days, one holiday, one teacher work day, and one delayed

  • Who Are You?

    If I told you that I heard of someone who runs about 5 miles a day, you probably wouldn’t be super impressed. But if I told you that this person ran 58,282 miles over the last 31 years, a mile for each of the fallen Vietnam veterans, you would likely look up from your cup of joe and pay attention.

  • Help Me Hire a Minion

    While I am busy writing these articles, I really could use a little help around the house, so I decided that maybe it’s high time to hire a minion. I placed an ad in the “Minion Daily”: Help Wanted: Minion needed to do light housework, help with homework, and walk the dog. Must be punctual, wear blue overalls, and be

  • Be On Time

    I had another blog planned for this week, but in light of the government shutdown, I thought a change in topic might be in order. I am calling this “Be On Time,” because even though everyone else has to be on time when meeting government deadlines, legislators are apparently allowed to be tardy, even if the action item is as

  • One Federal Resume is Not Enough

    When my boys were younger, one pair of sneakers would pretty much be the only pair of shoes they would need for about half a year, if I sized them “correctly” (as in way too big). I never dreamed the day would come when my teenager would own the outrageously expensive collection of shoes pictured here: “Why?” we ask. The

  • Give Them What They Want

    Most people understand that the government is inflexible about processing forms. For example, if you are submitting your taxes, you must use the required forms, and your only options are the 1040, 1040-EZ, and1040A. You must complete the form very carefully, accurately, and completely. You must submit all of the required additional documents and forms. How about getting or renewing

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