Kathryn Teaches Moody AFB Spouses about Job Blocks

Military Spouses at Moody AFB
Learned that Homeschooling is a JOB and Much More!

by Kathryn Troutman

September 25, 2019

A Half-Day Federal Resume Writing workshop at Moody AFB turned into a career change and career coaching change for the 25 attendees from Airman & Family Readiness Center and employment partners from the Georgia Department of Labor (DOL) from Valdosta, others are from the Civilian Personnel Office, Education Center, military spouses, some military, Transition Assistance Program Facilitator etc.

Kathryn is well known for her style of teaching Federal Resume Writing. She says, “let me interview someone from the class about one of your jobs. I will create a “job block” in USAJOBS and you can see how easy it is to build the positions in the USAJOBS Builder in the Outline Format with the ALL CAP KEYWORDS for a target position.”

She developed two during this class, see below.

One of the military spouses mentioned that she home-schooled her children. Kathryn said, “That’s a job. We have to have a job block for that.” She was amazed that this experience could be added as a volunteer position and will demonstrate skills in training and education.

Another volunteer, Camellia Jefferson, coordinator of the class, helped to create a “job block” with her experience and two accomplishments.

This is the way to do it. Just go to USAJOBS and build your job blocks. Kathryn demonstrated several job announcements to find the keywords and specialized experience. Everyone wrote an accomplishment. It was an exciting class. Everyone learned a lot of new techniques to write a Best Qualified Federal Resume. The resume job block below are built with ALL CAPS for the KEYWORDS for a target position. And then accomplishments are added. You can see samples of this technique in the Jobseeker’s Guide 8th or the Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses 2nd Ed.

Both job blocks will need more DUTIES written inside of the SKILLS WITH THE ALL CAP KEYWORDS. The Airmen and Family Readiness job block needs 3 to 5 sentences for each of the KEYWORD HEADLINES. This is the Outline Format that we teach in our classes. The human resources specialists like the format, because it is very easy to see the the ALL CAP WORDS come from the vacancy announcement.

See below the two Job Blocks that were created in the class. Homeschool Teacher and Career Readiness Consultant! Interviews with Kathryn Troutman!

Kathryn with Military Spouse Home School Elementary Teacher

Georgia Public Schools
1011 Statten Ave.
Moody AFB, GA 31699 United States

09/2012 – 06/2018
Hours per week: 20
Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER – Follow the Board of Education Elementary School curriculum for daily instruction and Department of Education testing from K through 5th grade. Developed course activities and lessons for individual in-home instruction.

ACTIVITIES PLANNER – As a military spouse and relocating to several locations, added local historic, educational and military history events and activities to demonstrate learning lessons and preparation for tests and life lessons.

CURRICULUM DESIGNER – Redesigned curriculum to meet the unique learning needs of my child, ages 5 to 10. My daughter was an online learner with activities that supported her lessons.

COMMUNITY LIAISON – communicated with other home school family members and students for athletics, activities and travel to historical locations.

KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: My daughter completed 5 grades with high scores and complete of DOE tests for successful completion of Elementary School while we were living in 3 locations in the US and Europe – Rota Spain (2 years), Moody AFB (2 years), and the Pentagon in Washington, DC (1 year)

Moody Air Force Base
Airman and Family Readiness
Burrell St.
Moody AFB, GA 31699 United States

06/2017 – Present
Salary: 83,000.00 USD Per Year
Hours per week: 40
Series: 0101 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 12
Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:








MYCAA Coach – Personally received a scholarship and successfully achieved Associates Degree and Certifications. I coach spouses to complete degrees for professional positions. Many do not know about MCAA. Coached the spouses to see whether the MYCAA program would work for their career plans and gave further advising for the certification training. In my 7 years in this position, more than 110 military spouses have received training from MCAA program.

Interviewing skills resulted in getting hired. Coached an E-8 SR. enlisted Administrative Specialist. He had fear of interviewed; he had not interviewed for a job in 22 years. We practiced interviewing, asked questions and role-played the interview stories. Gave him a second chance and was hired as A Program Analyst, GS 13 in Pennsylvania.
Supervisor: Kathryn Troutman (410 744 4324 )

Camellia A. Jefferson, Airman & Family Readiness Center
and Kathryn Troutman, Federal Resume Writing Instructor

Kathryn had to stop for a quick photo with this
mean-looking Fighter Squadron Fighter Jet

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