New RP Service: Federal Resume and Announcement Review

April 22, 2019

From Kathryn Troutman, Founder and President, Resume Place, Inc.

To our valued federal resume customers,
Ten Step Trainers and human resources specialists….

$99 Federal Resume and Announcement Review,
Recommendations and Quote for Expert Federal Resume Writing – See Sample Report Here

+++ Formerly free since 2007! +++

Since 2007, Resume Place has offered “Free Estimates.” This year, there has been an unprecedented number of free estimate requests for federal resume writing help. From 200 to 250 per month! Because of the high volume of requests for quotes, we need to change our business process – with the goal of continuing to provide a truly quality service to our valued customers.


  • The government is HIRING. More than 8,600 jobs posted today on USAJOBS!
  • Current federal employees want to get promotions and they do not know how to write the latest federal resume for USAJOBS. They can get Referred … but they have a very hard time getting the Interview without help.
  • Contractors want a stable federal career, instead of the frequently changing contracts. The federal resume is VERY challenging for contractors. At the Resume Place, we can find the specialized experience required by a job announcement and feature that experience in your resume.
  • Transitioning Military would love to have a great new stable career. They need a lot of help with their first federal resume, which involves translating the military terms into government terms, and then featuring the relevant experience.
  • New Graduates want Pathways positions – great beginning careers. But the federal resume is VERY different than the typical new graduate 2-page resume.
  • Military Spouses are seeking federal careers so that the position / career is moveable to multiple military installations. They need help with finding the needed experience in their part-time jobs and volunteer positions.
  • Private Sector jobseekers want federal jobs because of the benefits, promotion potential, and salaries. But writing that first 3-5 page federal resume and understanding the USAJOBs announcements can be challenging.


the $99 mini-consultation – START HERE

We want to keep providing Resume and Announcement Reviews and Quotes. But the volume of requests means that we need to charge a modest fee to continue offering quality service.

Customers who purchase the $99 package will receive a Federal Resume / Announcement Report that will analyze the qualifications required in a USAJOBS announcement and crosswalk that to their resume. We are dedicating Certified Federal Resume Writers to receive, analyze, and address these requests.

The $99 will be applied to your federal resume writing service — if you hire us to write your federal resume!

Within 2 days of the request, the customer will receive:

  • A formal report – the RP 11 Point CheckSheet℠ – providing an analysis of the target job and their resume
  • Specific suggestions on what needs to be done to strengthen the resume to match the announcement (whether done by the jobseeker or the Resume Place)
  • A quote for additional Resume Place service that may assist with the process of rewriting the resume.

This $99 service provides a 30-minute technical, expert Federal human resources review and quote to improve your package and set the stage for you to get “Best Qualified” for the federal position you are targeting.

Thank you for believing in Resume Place services. We appreciate your referrals and testimonials! We are the leading Federal resume writing services in America – the FIRST-EVER Federal Resume Writing Service. Our firm was established by Kathryn Troutman, who wrote the first-ever Federal resume guide – Federal Resume Guidebook, now in its 6th edition.

Our Federal resume format is trusted and taught by every military service in our popular curriculum, Ten Steps to a Federal Job, and welcomed by Federal agency human resources specialists. Kathryn Troutman’s Federal Resume Outline Format with keywords and accomplishments gets the attention of Human Resources specialists – the first level of review your resume receives.

We strive to get our clients Best Qualified, Referred, Interviewed and Hired! Let’s get serious with your federal resume!


  • Wrote and published the first-ever book on federal resume writing: Federal Resume Guidebook – now in 6th Edition.
  • Skilled in creating the best 5-page resume that will match the announcement, demonstrate the qualifications, keywords, KSAs, and core competencies!
  • Expert knowledge of Federal human resources hiring practices and OPM Classification Standards
  • Knowledge of USAJOBS hiring practices, online questionnaires and required documents
  • Skilled in interviewing you for accomplishments, past performance and special projects
  • Ability to interview you about the important core competencies for the position
  • Getting results = Best Qualified, so you’ll be eligible to get Referred, selected for an interview and HIRED!

Order the book here
The Federal Resume Guidebook has set the standard for Federal Resume Writing since 1996.


Kathryn Troutman, President, (410) 744 4324. ext. 3 Baltimore, MD

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