Happy New Year from The Resume Place!

New Federal Hiring Programs 2018 to 2019

Happy New Year from The Resume Place!

What’s New and Good—and What’s New and Not So Good

First, the government is in a partial shutdown. Don’t let a shutdown stop you from applying for a federal position. Be patient and wait. The jobs will be there when the human resources specialists come back to work.

Here’s the list of the new federal human resources initiatives that will be implemented in 2019:

GOOD NEWS FOR NEW GRADUATES – They can get hired without an announcement!

  • DIRECT HIRE FOR POST-SECONDARY STUDENTS – 2019 NDAA. There are a lot of new sections of the NDAA that are great for students and recent graduates. College career expos can result in GETTING HIRED as a current student or recent graduate!

GOOD NEWS FOR FEDERAL HR – This is another screen-out for the federal HR personnel who receive thousands of applications.

NOT GOOD NEWS FOR APPLICANTS – The application process will take much longer to complete.

  • ANOTHER APPLICATION TEST – USA Hire℠. OPM is using another questionnaire test: USAHires, (MSPB Report 2019). Some agencies are using USAHires in addition to everything else: resume, documents, job-related questionnaire… then another questionnaire / test. It takes about 3 hours to complete this questionnaire – in one sitting – you cannot save the assessment test!
    USA Hire℠ Links:
    OPM Introduction USA Hire℠
    OPM Assessment Introduction to USA Hire℠
    USA Hire US CBP Test Prep

GOOD NEWS FOR THE APPLICANT AND HR – If you write good KSAs that really demonstrate examples of your knowledge, skills and abilities, you can stand out and maybe get an Interview! Good for HR also, because this is another screen-out!

  • KSAS ARE BACK – IF YOU ARE BEST QUALIFIED. After you apply and after you are found Best Qualified, and sometimes if you are Referred, you might get an email asking you to write KSAs to explain your knowledge, skills and abilities for the position, especially by VA. So, KSAs are coming back.

GOOD NEWS FOR DOD HUMAN RESOURCES STAFF – The old school registration process took two hours in person with an HR staff. If the system doesn’t get updated, then it will end. NOT GOOD NEWS FOR SPOUSES – It was a good program for spouses, even though it was out of date.

  • PPP-S IS STALLED – OR SOMETHING. For military spouses, PPP-S was stalled, almost eliminated, threatened to end in Oct. 2018) didn’t end, but will eventually end.


  • ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE APPLICATION CHANGED DRAMATICALLY. All of the Administrative Law Judge applications were CHANGED to Excepted Service.
  • But could be good news in the future for attorneys who want to apply for ALJ. Maybe the application process will be easier. We do not know yet.


  • New Military Spouse format to include a “volunteer job” as a military spouse on PCS Orders. This is a new “job block” that can present your knowledge, skills and abilities as a military spouse. Our new book, Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses will include samples of the new format with the new Military Spouse Job Block.
  • Add a Profile! The RP Certified Federal Resume Writers are adding a profile to most of all federal resumes written. The profile emphasizes skills from the Specialized Experience paragraph in the announcement.
  • Don’t submit through the USAJOBS Builder, unless you HAVE to. It is better if you use the builder to build / draft your resume. Then copy it out into a Word document, and then upload the Word resume into USAJOBS. This format is more readable for hiring managers!
  • More readability! The federal resume should be no more than 5 pages. Many agencies are moving to a 5-page maximum requirement.
  • Tell Better Stories! Accomplishments / recent projects can help you get a higher score and help you to get Referred. This isn’t new, but I have to add this one every year!

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