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May 30, 2018

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Now that the Memorial Day Weekend is over and summer is here, you should plan your trip to the beach AND YOUR APPLICATIONS FOR A FEDERAL JOB!

Everything is about timing, right? Same goes for job search with the Government! The federal government is ALWAYS hiring, but summertime is GREAT, because the agencies just got their money. The budget for 2018 just “dropped”. And this budget year will be OVER on Sept. 30, 2018.

Look at the 2018 Department Budgets! Who’s Hiring?

Check out the department and agency’s budgets here. Great summer reading! Department Budgets start on page 23 of 448 pages of this Budget Document
DHS – page 165; Treasury – 289; Department of State – 259; DOJ – 231; VA – 306

Act Now – Look at now!

These jobs are all grade / salary levels and worldwide It’s easy to search USAJOBS for positions in your geographic area, salary objectives and even job title! These are the searches for today: May 30, 2018!

State Search:
2077 jobs are open in the DC area
398 jobs in Hawaii
43 jobs in Vicenza, Italy

Job Title Search:
2501 Information Technology Specialist Jobs open today – worldwide
724 jobs in the 0301-job series – Administrative, Analyst, Logistics Management Specialist, and a few others worldwide
483 Social Worker jobs worldwide
1044 Accounting Jobs worldwide

Grade Search:
3859 GS 12 positions (Salary $63,600 to $82680)
4148 GS 9 positions (Salary $43,857 to $57,015)

Agency Search:
197 jobs with Department of Health and Human Services
178 jobs with Department of Homeland Security
859 jobs with Veteran’s Administration
116 jobs with Department of Justice
2162 with the Department of Defense
7 jobs in the White Houses
22 jobs with Department of State

Look at the OPM Classification Standards to find Your Federal Job Title and Description:

It’s best if you write your federal resume WAY BEFORE you look for the perfect job announcement on USAJOBS. The job announcements can be open only 5 days, and you can’t write a complete, targeted federal resume in 5 days. Here at Resume Place, we can’t meet a 5-day turnaround for a brand new federal resume! We need ten days. So, work ahead using the OPM Class Standards to find the keywords, knowledge-skills-and-abilities required, and ideas for examples.

Write your Federal Resume Now!
Kathryn Troutman’s Top Tips to Get Started:

Federal Resumes are not read and scored by a machine!
Federal Resumes are “READ” by “human” resource specialists”

In order to get Best Qualified by the Human Resources Specialist (yes, a “Human” resources specialist), your resume MUST match the announcement! The only part of the USAJOBs application that is automated is the Questionnaire. The resume review for keywords and qualifications is by a human resources specialist!

  1. Federal Resumes are typically 3 to 5 pages. About two times longer than a private sector resume. The HR specialists need for you to SPELL OUT your job duties, specialized experience and knowledge-skills-and-abilities.
  2. Match your resume keywords to the job announcement. Especially these sections of the JOA: Specialized Experience, How You Will Be Evaluated (core competencies), Questionnaire questions, and sometimes a list of Knowledge-Skills-and-Abilities (KSAs).
  3. Add accomplishments to your resume to PROVE your past performance. It’s time to BRAG to let the human resources specialist and managers know you are GREAT at your job. You have made a difference in your past positions! And you get THINGS DONE!
  4. Add technical skills: computer skills, programs, databases, software, anything technical. Government jobs ALL involve technology.

That’s about it for Quick Tips

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