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By Kathryn Troutman President, The Resume Place, Inc.
and Ten Steps to a Federal Job Certification Program Director
April 16, 2018

In my experience, veterans can never get enough help in making the adjustment from the regimentation of military life to the sometimes daunting freedom of life as a civilian American.

“I remember how hard it was to transition back to the civilian work world,” says Mike Callahan, an Air Force veteran, former corporate executive, and current director of the Internship & Career Management Center in the College of Business at The University of Michigan – Dearborn. “You’re leaving the very structured world of the military to enter a very unstructured professional world. I had to reprogram myself.”

Having launched his own successful careers in the private and public private sectors, Callahan wanted to give back. “We need to do what we can to help the veteran community, which is underserved,” he says.

These were the motivations for Callahan to write his book Tiger in the Office – and for his new project, an online course exclusively for veterans called Tiger in the Office: How to Capitalize on Opportunity and Launch Your Career.

Callahan summarizes the Tiger approach this way: “Know yourself, have strategies to get through the rough spots, learn how to network and make connections. Know the value that you bring.” Here’s what the course’s five online class meetings will cover:

  • The first session will explore why veterans need to “think like a tiger” in the 21st Century economy, whether they seek civil-service opportunities or a career in the private sector.
  • Next, the class will delve into how veterans – whether they separated last month or 30 years ago – can assess their career environment and adjust to it, while projecting self-confidence in all their professional contacts.
  • How anyone can develop his or her own career brand, bring it to the job marketplace, and seek out opportunities that can transform one’s career from a grind to an exciting and fulfilling adventure.
  • How to use the written word, social media and networking to communicate a professional value proposition to hiring managers in any industry or government agency.
  • How to build a personal career acceleration plan to fulfill your professional aspirations sooner rather than later.

The course will follow a reading and discussion format. “We want people to read the assigned part of the book, reflect and prepare for the weekly video conference,” says Callahan. “I set it up as a webinar with a PowerPoint. But I don’t want to just be talking for the hour, so we’ll open it up for discussion.” The course will run on the Canvas online education platform, accessible from any computer.

The Tiger Online course begins on April 30, 2018. There will be a live web meeting for five consecutive Thursdays from 8 to 9 pm EST.

To learn more about Tiger Online or to register for this free course, veterans should write to Mike Callahan at mcalla@umich.edu. Advance registration is required – the sooner the better!

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