Why Military Spouses Need Ten Steps to a Federal Job Training

Why Military Spouses Need Ten Steps to a Federal Job Training
Introducing new Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses on PPP-S and USAJOBS Curriculum

By Kathryn Troutman,
Program Director, Ten Steps Certification Programs – 2018
November 29, 2017

Spouse Federal Employment Training
is our new second emphasis with our Ten Steps Certification Training!

The wives and husbands of our active-duty military forces face a wide range of challenges, from relocating their families every two to four years, to finding fulfilling and quality employment that can improve their family’s quality of life while in the military and AFTER active duty.

That’s why the military installation employment readiness program centers need more professional trainers and coaches who are qualified to teach military spouses how to pursue federal employment opportunities while they reside on military bases.

Let’s take a step back and look at the military spouse employment gap.

51% of all Military Spouses Earned less than $20K in 2016!

Top Concerns of Military Spouses:
Number 1: Amount of Time Away from Family (46%)
Number 2: Military Spouse Employment (43%)
Number 3: Financial and Benefit Concerns (40%)

Read the Blue Star Families Survey (PDF)

Military Spouse Unemployment Statistics:
47% employed
28% unemployed (actively looking)
26% not in labor force
55% underemployed

Federal Employment is a GREAT Employer for Military Spouses on Military Bases

This underemployment, unemployment situation for military spouses could be more about missed opportunities than a sheer lack of opportunities. What makes me think so? For one thing, there are a lot of federal jobs on U.S. military bases – more than half a million. On many bases, these civilian workers actually outnumber active-duty servicemen and women.

Federal Government Careers for Military Spouses

So why don’t military spouses seek out these solid civil-service jobs in greater numbers? Because applying for a federal job is neither like serving in the Armed Forces nor like hunting for a corporate position. The resume-preparation and job-search processes for federal employment are different, time-consuming and more demanding than private sector. But the results are better and long-term with retirement, great flexibility for families, and portable to another military installation! BUT… it takes training for a spouse to navigate USAJOBS and PPP-S. These two federal hiring programs are not easily understood without a trainer or coach.

Our Ten Steps Certification Training Program is providing MORE Training for Military spouse federal employment in 2018, including EO 13473!

Getting help with federal job search is well worth the effort for military spouses – in large part due to a 2008 presidential directive known as Executive Order 13473 and the programs it enables. These federal measures give military spouses a huge advantage in federal job search by moving them to the front of the queue of candidates. The Ten Steps Certification program covers two important federal employment hiring programs as part of EO 13473.

1. DOD’s Priolrity Placement Program S for Military Spouses while on Active Duty!

Program S, which is part of the Defense Department’s Priority Placement Program, gives military spouses priority consideration for federal positions when they and their active-duty spouses are relocated via PCS order. And that preference persists as long as spouses reside at the new station and remain in compliance with program requirements.

2. With EO 13473 a Military Spouse can apply for jobs as a “Federal Employee” eliminating the problem with Veteran’s Preference and increasing the possibility of getting REFERRED.

The traditional Ten Steps to a Federal Job curriculum will teach spouses the step-by-step process of USAJOBS, federal resumes, and how to get BEST QUALIFIED. This is a very important aspect of going further in the federal employment process.

New Curriculum for Spouses – The Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses on PPP-S and USAJOBS

That’s why we’ve just added a new curriculum that can be taught in 90 minutes to busy military spouses to get them introduced to EO 13473 and PPP-S. The well-known Ten Steps Certification program for Ten Steps trainers program was established in 2002 and has focused on Veteran’s Preference and Veteran’s federal employment since 2002.

2018 is the year of the Military spouse and Federal Jobs. The new curriculum and text for spouses – the Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses can be taught at every military base where there are Ten Step Trainers.
The Ten Step trainers and the new STARS curriculum could contribute to cutting down those unemployment and underemployment numbers for military spouses. AND increase the annual earnings of a spouse by $20 to $30K per year + the best benefits in America.

The new curriculum will train prospective trainers to help military spouses conduct successful federal job searches. In our program, trainers learn how to help applicants create a federal resume and complete all the steps necessary to have their best shot at a federal job.

Who should consider becoming a Certified Federal Job Search Trainer® and Certified Federal Career Coach®? Among the many professionals who could benefit from this training are:

  • Family readiness and employment transition counselors at military bases
  • Military career counselors
  • Veterans counselors at VA facilities and nonprofit organizations
  • Human resources and education staffers at federal agencies
  • University career counselors

Interested in becoming a certified Ten Steps Trainer? Contact us.

Ten Steps Certification Program
Employment Readiness, Career Counselors, Veteran’s Representatives, consider the Ten Steps Certification program – 3 days of training and you can advise your jobseekers about federal resumes and USAJOBS to successfully get Best Qualified and MORE!

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The Stars Are Lined Up for Military Spouses®

Why a federal career for Military Spouses?

  • Great salaries, promotion potential, family friendly, family leave, training and MORE!

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