Public Speaking Workshops at Johns Hopkins


Prepare and practice for Interviews, Briefings, Meetings and Presentations!

Expert Public Speaking Workshop!
Aug 22, 2017, Johns Hopkins University, Wash., DC
TJ Walker, Presentation and Media Expert,
Speaker and Instructor

One-Day Public Speaking Workshop
Aug. 22, Tuesday, 8:30 to 5:00

Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)
Bernstein-Offit Building
1717 Massachusetts Ave NW, 5th Floor, Room BOB500 Washington, DC 20036
Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Time: 8:30 to 5:00

Registration and Fees:
$995 (includes books, and online course materials, pre- and post training for one year).

We can prepare an invoice before the course for payment by credit card.
Call (410) 744 4324 x 2 for invoice requests.

Contact Us to Register:

Technology for Practice Speaking:
We will be using video for practicing your speeches and short PowerPoints.
We will play back for the class and give critiques of your presentations.

Bring your laptop for the presentation to make notes,

Pre-Course Homework:
Before the workshop, you will be given homework to prepare for the workshop.

Class Size:
Maximum 20

Is the way you Communicate Limiting Your Potential?
The way of others see you and the way they perceive your value has everything to do with the way you communicate!

  • Are you good with where you stand right now?
  • Have you Ever Given a Presentation without Making the Impact you Wanted?/li>
  • Public speaking skills are the most important personal development skill you can have, yet many don’t overcome the fear, discomfort and know-how necessary to become great speakers.
  • Imagine yourself Giving a Fantastic Speech,
  • Every time you Stand up to Present.
  • You can Become a great Speaker Today!

TJ Walker – Speaking Improvement Process
Becoming a great public speaker is more than about learning technique… There is a psychological and guided practice element that when properly combined leads to incredible results with the ability to customize training for you that guarantees dramatic improvement.

  • PSYCHOLOGY – Overcome the fear and discomfort that has prevented you from having the big breakthroughs necessary to grow into a great speaker
  • TECHNIQUE – Learn the technique and strategies that make you a more connected, organized and polished/powerful speaker
  • SUPPORT – Ongoing expert support directly from TJ Walker and access to his private online community focused on providing an active safe environment-focused on improving your public speaking skills
  • PRACTICE – Develop a system to dramatically improve your overall speaking ability and prepare every presentation you will give for the rest of your life

What TJ’s Speaking Improvement Workshop Will Teach You

  • How to get dramatically better in a short period of time
  • A process to become a great speaker over time
  • How to look comfortable, confident, relaxed and powerful in any speaking environment
  • How to make sure your audience really understands you
  • How to make sure your audience remembers your key messages
  • How to have more influence with your audience and get them to take the actions you desire
  • It’s true… You can become dramatically better in one day!
  • By the end of this training, you will love how you come across as a speaker

What speaking situations will this workshop prepare you for?

  • Speaking to large audiences
  • One-on-one presentations
  • Client presentations
  • Panel discussions
  • Industry conferences
  • Investor and analyst presentations Annual meetings Sales presentations
  • Investor and analyst presentations
  • Annual meetings
  • Sales presentations


TJ Walker’s Bio:

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