5 Secrets to the New USAJOBS Applicant Pages

5 Secrets to the New USAJOBS Applicant Pages

USAJOBS just got updated as of 8/20!  You will see new colors (green, gray and black), new bold screens, flow and even new language, i.e., Unique Hiring Paths, Advancing, Paused, Stopped, Unknown Results + No More Dropdowns!   I like the changes and the new language! And I like the all new Homepage / RESULTS page!  This is an exciting page! And could be encouraging for federal jobseekers.  I especially like the “advancing” list.  If a federal jobseeker does apply for 3 to 5 positions per week, they will see a lot of activity in their “advancing” list.  This could be a fun screen showing results and a top page transparent support for the federal job search campaign.

By Kathryn Troutman, Federal Resume Guru!

1. New-designed Profile Homepage is also your New USAJOBS Application Tracking Page! Kathryn has submitted 113 applications!  How many positions have you submitted for?  Check it out now!  

Your USAJOBS applications are filtered in new lists: Advanced, Paused, Stopped and Unknown results!  This page also shows how many applications you have submitted (113); how many Saved Jobs (4); and how many Saved Searches (10) you have set up for your federal job search campaign.

2. Introducing New USAJOBS Applicant PROFILE page

Profile page shows the main sections of the USAJOBS webpage clearly. No more dropdowns. The pages are clear on the left.

3. Introducing ADVANCING and the important bottom links

in the Applicant pages are almost hidden. This is where you are going to find the former Applicant Status page. This is now called ADVANCING under a Job Application list. You can also click on PAUSED or STOPPED. The Application Status Page was one of my favorite pages. It is now GONE. Replaced by “Advancing” page.


You can upload documents and resumes on the same section. The RESUME page is gone!


NEW GRAPHIC TO BUILD YOUR RESUME OR UPLOAD YOUR RESUME (the resume builder did not change)


This is the former Special Hiring Programs. Now these are UNIQUE hiring paths!

Check out the new look and pages for your USAJOBS account today!

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