Introducing Jason Jernigan: Schedule A, Recent Graduate, and Ready for Hire!


Introduction by Kathryn Troutman

I am a federal career coach for people with disabilities, and I have been working with Jason Jernigan for the past two years while he has been finishing his Bachelor’s Degree. Jason is dependable, responsive, and has persevered to accomplish his goals despite his disability. He communicates quickly with me by email and text and would be a major asset to any organization.

Jason was hired for an internship with the Navy in Florida. Now that he has graduated, his goal is to land a federal job. He has applied through USAJOBS, attended the Job Fair For Persons with Disabilities in Washington, DC this April, and written directly to the Selective Placement Program Coordinators. NO LUCK YET. So, I decided to periodically introduce some of my Schedule A clients to my blog audience, which includes federal managers and human resources specialists. I am hoping that someone will be interested in Jason’s qualifications and background, read his resume, invite him for an interview, and HIRE JASON so that he can provide great service to a federal agency and the American Public. Or, you might know of a job lead for Jason. Thanks for your help in getting our qualified disability applicants hired.

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About Jason Jernigan

I recently graduated from Florida State University (Panama City Campus) with a B.S. in Public Safety and Criminology. During my studies, I developed broadly applicable skills and an in-depth understanding of law enforcement intelligence and underwater crime scene investigation. While at Florida State, I not only demonstrated academic prowess, but also honed my leadership skills as a member of the Student Government Council, the Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and the Scuba Hyperbaric & Recreational Club (SHARC).

Despite my academic and leadership accomplishments, my greatest achievement is succeeding – and excelling – despite the fact that I am deaf. My efforts to overcome the challenges associated with deafness attest to my work ethic, can-do spirit, and commitment to reaching goals. I proactively exerted all my energy into ensuring that I would be able to read, write, and generally communicate so that I could not just excel academically but to obtain a rewarding career.

In addition to my commitment in this regard, I also maintain a strong connection to the “hearing world” to help others who are also deaf. I regularly travel the country promoting UbiDuo communication devices to other deaf people in an effort to improve their lives and careers.

My desire and ability to transcend my deafness is perhaps best illustrated by my pursuit of a pilot’s license. This past summer, I was honored to be one of six people in the entire country selected to participate in Purdue University’s Able Flight Program. Finishing that program – and receiving my pilot’s wings at a special ceremony at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s AirVenture Convention – was one of the highlights of my life. This achievement alone clearly exhibits my tenacity and capacity for overcoming challenges.

Because of my deafness, many individuals do not believe that I have what it takes to succeed in a communication-driven world. I disagree. I am a committed student, leader, worker – I believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. Not even the skies have limited me.

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