How to Start a Federal Resume Writing Project: Military and Veterans


“I’m currently active duty military, and I’m looking to transition into a second career with the federal government.  I was wondering how your service works.  Do I give you my performance reports, and you turn them into a resume?  I do not have a current resume, and I haven’t targeted a specific job announcement as of yet.”


Even without a current resume, we can certainly help you translate your military (and previous) experience into a federal resume targeted toward a particular occupational series or job announcement. However, you would need to do some initial legwork to locate and prepare the necessary background information. Here is how our process works:

Step 1: Collect Your Information

You will need to send us your:

  • Name, address, email address, and phone number
  • SMART transcript (containing your military training and certifications)
  • Education that is not on the SMART transcript (name of school, degree, number of credit hours)
  • Awards and honors
  • Fitness Evaluations for the last 10 years

Please remember to delete / black out your Social Security number on any documents that you send to us.

Step 2: Create Your Work History Chronology

You will also need to type up your work history, including the following details for each position:

  • Job title, MOS, and rank
  • Office or program
  • Base name
  • City, state, country
  • Start date (month and year required) and end date (month and year required)
  • Current supervisor’s name and contact info
  • Hours worked per week if not full time
  • Salary per year (optional)

Step 3: Phone Interview for Additional Background Information

We start our writing projects by talking with you about your information, identifying the gaps, and getting accomplishment stories from you that will make your resume stand out.

We will also talk about your target vacancy announcement or occupational series, because this information is critical to writing an effective resume. If you don’t have a target job in mind, we recommend our Federal Career Coaching service to place you in the right grade and job titles and discuss your federal job search strategy more in detail.

Step 4: We Draft Your Initial Resume

Using all of the information from above, we will then create your first basic outline format federal resume with keywords and accomplishments.

Step 5: Perfecting Your Resume

The first draft will usually identify additional gaps in information, and we will continue to work with you to ensure that your resume is complete and carefully targeted toward your desired position.

Many of our military clients can target two different job titles, so keep in mind that we can also write you a second resume if you are qualified to apply for more than one type of position.

Ready to Get Started?

This process takes time, so be aware that we need 7 to 10 business days to complete these five important steps. Do not wait to start this process until you have found an ideal job announcement closing in a day or two. Plan ahead, start early, and contact us for a free estimate!

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