Transportation Security Manager Lands Deputy Assistant Director at TSA

Success Stories

Jobseeker Type: Federal to Federal
Previous Job Title: Transportation Security Manager, TSA, SV-1801-I
Target Job Title: Deputy Assistant Federal Security Director, TSA, SV-1801-J
Writer/Coach: Diane Bryant

Strategy/Process: Client had been with TSA as a screener since 2002 and had slowly worked her way up the supervisory chain. When a top job opened up, she asked our assistance in writing her resume. With her solid background in aviation screening and security operations, she was a strong candidate for the job, and she needed a resume that clearly reflected her solid background. Our strategy was not only to highlight her strong qualifications but also to specifically key in on the keywords and the KSAs in the announcement and to ensure all responses to the questions in the occupational question were supported in the resume. Although she went through all the steps, she was not selected for the initial vacancy — but in November, a second vacancy opened up, and she was selected in less than two months for this top position at one of the world’s busiest airports!

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