Acting Director Hired into Director of Strategic Operations After ECQ Rewrite

Success Stories

“Diane: Thank you for your help. My essays were approved, and I will be permanent in my position starting on Sunday. I am excited for the opportunity!”

Date Hired: October 21, 2012
Jobseeker Type: GS to SES
Previous Job Title: Acting Director of OSORA / Executive Secretariat Office of OS
Target Job Title: Director of the Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs (OSORA)
Result: Hired
Writer/Coach: Diane Hudson

Strategy/Process: The client’s ECQ essays were disapproved by OPM – stating that the essays did not express executive leadership examples and the client was encouraged to select stories that represented her time as the Acting Director for the role she was seeking. I rewrote all of the client’s stories in the CCAR format, by conducting several interviews to help the client develop strong leadership stories. I reviewed all the stories against the ECQ leadership competencies. The client’s ECQs were approved by OPM with the rewrite and she was officially hired into the SES.

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