Big Discount For Federal Resume Writing Projects Due To USAJOBS 3.0 Debacle

You have all heard by now that the USAJOBS 3.0 transition did NOT go quite as well as we had hoped. The devastating result this has caused today for job seekers is that currently there are VERY FEW positions being posted.

I have heard this anecdotally from others, but today I put this to the test. I used the USAJOBS 3.0 Advanced Search to find IT Specialist positions for a client. My search was: IT Specialist, Washington, DC, GS 12/13, and Federal Employee. Search results: 119 positions. BUT … only 9 positions were IT Specialist positions; the rest were Contract Specialist, EEO Specialist, Public Affairs Specialists, etc. This number could be a historic low; I normally would find well over 100 IT Specialist positions using this type of search.

I do believe that in the next couple of months, as the USAJOBS 3.0 issues get resolved, there will be a backlog of vacancies that will be posted.

What does this mean for you NOW? Get ready for a potential influx of job announcements! The next few months may well present one of your best opportunities to land a government job.

The government will be hiring again. Get ready to compete with a targeted federal resume written toward specific occupational standards.

While we wait for USAJOBS 3.0 to get fixed, we are offering a special price to get your federal résumé the best it could possibly be with the help of our certified writers.

We are offering $100 to $130 savings on our already-discounted packages for federal resume consulting & writing, cover letters, and USAJOBS submissions. Take advantage of this USAJOBS 3.0 debacle to get expert help with a good discount. The silver lining: take advantage of the great timing to get your federal resume written, targeted, posted in the USAJOBS 3.0 resume builder before the holidays. You’ll be done before the holiday rush.

This discount will last only 30 days. So don’t wait; check out our services and order your federal resume writing package. SAVE NOW!

Kathryn Troutman, President, and

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