Kathryn Recommends Trio of Dummies Career Books

The Resumes, Cover Letters, and Job Interviews For Dummies books, published by Wiley, are written by my friend and mentor, Joyce Lain Kennedy, the first syndicated careers columnist in the United States. She is widely syndicated by Tribune Media Services.

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I know that if you are reading this blog you are REALLY looking for a federal job, but you should always have a good keyword, private industry resume ready to customize for networking, job fairs, friends and family. Cover letters are needed for emails, online applications and maybe even an email federal application. Job interview preparation is critical. I can’t tell you in enough ways that you must PREPARE for an interview. Reading a terrific book on preparation can’t hurt you. Looking for a new job is a JOB these days requiring practice, research, and resources!

RESUMES FOR DUMMIES, 5th Ed., Joyce Lain Kennedy

All this book’s resumes by The award-winning Resume Place Resume Writers

The Resume Place expert writing team wrote ALL 50 of the sample resumes in this book. They are filled with keywords and accomplishments and are easy to read, edited to be compact, and impressive. I recommend this book for writing your private industry resume (paper version), networking resume, LinkedIn resume, online builder resume, upload resume, and career change resume. All of the resume samples are tightly-focused toward specific keywords from an advertised opening or announcement! The Resume Place writers are MASTERS at keyword resume writing (because of our Federal resume expertise).

COVER LETTERS FOR DUMMIES, 3rd Ed., Joyce Lain Kennedy

This book won the Benjamin Franklin best-career-book-of-the-year award for 2009.

Benefit with a collection of the best cover letters by about 50 of the best resume writers in the country. All are certified by the major resume-writing certification programs. The cover letters (and related self-marketing documents) are interesting, informative, clever, keyword-filled, fun and usable for YOU to write your own cover letter. The formats include paper, email, LinkedIn profiles, and many more self-marketing documents. Choose some great opening and closing phrases and ways to list your top skills and interests in powerful ways. In this job market your cover letter is critical to GRABBING the employer’s attention.

JOB INTERVIEWS FOR DUMMIES, 3nd Ed., Joyce Lain Kennedy

This book won the Benjamin Franklin best career-book-of-the-year award for 2008

Veteran syndicated careers columnist and author Joyce Lain Kennedy has tips and techniques for mastering a job interview — if you are LUCKY enough to land one. Check out this book to prepare, practice and get ready for job interviews. Practice your best accomplishment stories with tips from Joyce’s book. Engage the interviewer and show your personality, interest in the job, and excellent skills with your best interview answers.

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