Is There a Job For You in the Federal Government?

Private Industry jobseekers want federal jobs!

At The Resume Place, Inc. we are dedicated to helping you land a federal job. There are quite a few major challenges to this mission. Our current average jobseeker client is:

  • Out of work or with an impending layoff looming;
  • 40 to 55 years old;
  • A professional with a strong work history, often with a decade or more of employment with the same organization;
  • Experienced in private industry, government contracting or military with NO familiarity with federal civilian employment.

First-time federal jobseekers face the following challenges:

Their resumes are too short and lack the detail necessary to qualify for federal positions.  They have a private industry resume that is about twice pages long, but the average federal resume is three to five pages, so they need twice the amount of content added into the new resume.

They don’t know what job titles and grade levels they qualify for. These clients don’t know anything about federal job titles, how jobs in the federal government are organized, or what experience is necessary to qualify for specific grade levels. If they made $60K in their last position, they don’t know whether they are qualified for that same salary in a government position.

Follow the Directions. The application for government is at least 10 times more complex than private industry, with applications involving federal resume; Knowledge, Skills and Abilities narratives; essays and self-assessment questionnaires; and a myriad of fax instructions

Complex job announcements. Our clients don’t know how to interpret the job announcements found on, which can be up to 16 pages long. The position descriptions are often written in language that is difficult to translate into everyday job duties.

The government is hiring!

More than 60 % of the current feds WILL retire within five years, leaving lots of jobs open.

With the President’s Stimulus Plan, more federal positions are opening every day to manage the grants and contracts associated with these projects.

The new government is converting many of the former contractor positions to permanent civil service positions.

Once you have a government job, you could keep that for your entire career. The federal government offers many opportunities for advancement, promotion and training, as well as excellent benefits, for its employees.

What does it take to land a federal job?

Understanding of the federal hiring process. Read about federal employment processes and federal agency missions to be sure that you are doing all that you can to put your best foot forward in the federal job search process.

Knowing federal job titles. Knowledge of federal job titles and the qualification requirements for certain grade or salary levels is a critical component to matching your resume toward a federal vacancy announcement.

Federal Resumes. Your federal resume will need to be detailed and focused toward a federal job with the right language and keywords for the position.

Samples. Look at successful federal resume samples and KSAs to learn how to write an application for the job. The federal application is somewhat like applying for a grant or master’s degree. It involves filling out information, writing narratives and getting references.

Vacancy Announcements. Taking your time reading the vacancy announcements, reading the agency’s mission and interpreting the position based on your skills.

At The Resume Place, Inc., we can help you in these ways to apply correctly to federal jobs. Our goal is to ensure that your resume is found Best Qualified and is referred to a supervisor. Additionally, we build your resume to stand out on the supervisor’s desk, so that you will be selected for an interview. We can also coach you in the interview and through the salary negotiations.

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Our website also has several FREE resources, including the federal resume and KSA builder, articles on federal resumes, KSA writing and application processes.

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