5/19/17: “Kathryn – I wanted to let you know that I was accepted into the program! Much thanks for helping me with the write-ups!” (DHS CDP SES)
5/15/17: “John, Matthew was interviewed he was in the TOP 2!!!!! He LOVES and I mean LOVES his resume that you wrote for him & the interview panel even comment on how impressed they where with his resume!!!”
1/25/17: “Rita, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you and your staff. Two years and 72 application and not a peep from a government agency, after working with your company, I received 4 offers. I am currently working for the VA and loving life! TIP ABOUT THE HIRING FREEZE FROM THIS NEW FED EMPLOYEE: Great investment and your clients should keep working on THEIR FEDERAL RESUMES !”
11/22/16: “Hello Jim, I just wanted to update you on my being selected at a GS 07/09/16; Financial Management Analyst. “I am positive that it was the resume that allowed me to be selected. I had interviewed for two other organizations as well. THANKS!”
11/18/16: “Dear Pam and Kathryn, I was happy to read that I was referred but was so surprised by it. It is truly wonderful news. I have been working for several years with the application process and was ready to read -not referred. I sincerely believe that your hard work -(writing my resume with grace and patience) coupled with my perseverance got me this far. Thank you for your efforts.”
9/2/16: “Kathryn, Just started new job on Wednesday!! Job offer was far superior to the job offer I got in late June. They have me working on a government contract. I’m officially a federal government contractor but the people and work seem very exciting to me. Thanks so much for everything.”
7/24/16: “Jeremy / Kathryn,Thought you’d like to know, I have received a tentative offer and have accepted it. Thanx for the help. John” (submitted May 24!)
7/7/16: “Before reading Kathryn Troutman’s “Federal Resume Guidebook, 6th Edition” I submitted exactly 18 federal job applications and did not receive a single referral. After reading the book and retooling my resume, I was referred, interviewed and selected for the second job for which I applied! Wow! “
6/15/16: “Kathryn, I GOT THE JOB! Just wanted to let you know that I got the job as the admin assistant !” (Reservist applying for Title 32 position)
6/2/16: “Kathryn and Lisa, Yesterday I was offered the position and I accepted the GS 15 position. Your assistance, expertise and timeliness helped me get into the mix and for that I thank you. You guys are awesome. “
6/1/16: “It’s not who you know, but how your resume shows what you know and distinguishes you from the rest. Thank you for all your help; my investment in The Resume Place was well worth the return!”
5/25/16: ” Jeremy, I got the job!! Thank you for everything.”
4/14/16: “Hello Kathryn! Outstanding news. Got a job offer with the Region, Program Analyst position. My wife and I can carpool ! AFter 8 interviews in a year – HIRED! “
4/2/16: “I wanted to let u know I was offered that job u wrote my resume for! GS14 homeland security! Every job I have applied for with your resume I met the cert and I interviewed!!!”
2/17/16: “John, I have had great success with your company in the past landing a great job thanks to your professional help.”
2/05/16: “Kathryn and Debbie, I wanted to give you wonderful ladies an update. My resume has been referred over 20 times and I am now happy to say I landed a GS-11 Program Specialist position with DHS this past January.”
2/03/16: “KATHRYN I just received: ‘This is to extend a conditional offer of employment to you for the following position in Miami, FL – Schedule A Hire!’ “
1/20/16: “HI Dottie, Just wanted to let you know that they offered me the job yesterday. Big Smile here! ”
1/12/16: “Sarah, Good news – I got the job that you helped me with and started in late October. It feels great to be a permanent federal employee now.”
1/11/16: “John, Update: my resume made it through the system and was on the best candidate list. I have been invited to interview for the GS-12. Thank you for dialing in my resume and passing the first hurdle.”
“I loved your 10 Steps book. And it helped, because I’m now expecting an offer. “
“Rita, just wanted to let you know I got a call for an Interview for the position I applied for in Pierre, SD”
“I was contacted yesterday for an interview by HHS as Reinstatement IT Specialist ! My first interview request in 5 years!”
“Just wanted to say hello and that i am a GS -13 now thanks to you and possibly soon making my 14.”
“Amy was fantastic to work with and I will recommend resume-place to anyone.”
“I am proud to announce that I was selected in one of the 2015 PMF slots with Department of Commerce as a Management and Program Analyst. Today marks the start of my 3rd week.”
“Rita – Yesterday I completed my first day in my new job in Redstone as a GS-14 Step 8. I have shifted from a cubicle to an office, Life is good.”
“Brenda, I was offered a position with the FAA in Seattle I am waiting on a start date. Thank you very much for your help!”
“Wanted to say thanks for you help with job resume and interviewing prep. Got referred to many jobs with the resume Jessica help me with, was just up to me to close the deal.”
“Because of Debbie’s writing skills, I made the “cert” on five different job applications and interviewed for two of them — both of which tendered offers of employment at the GS-14, Step 7 level!”
“John! I GOT THE JOB! Just thought I’d let you know! Just got the call this morning! “
“Yes, I used the resume you made. I also have a couple more referrals!”
“I got the job offer! If you recall, I was applying for a Pathways position with a very warm lead.”
“NICOLE I GOT AN INTERVIEW. I am absolutely beside myself here. Thank you a billion times.”
“I Got A Job! And it is a promotion to GS-14 at a new agency. Carla, Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and hand holding. Thank you very much!”
“Just wanted to let you both know I have my first GS-13 interview as a result of your help.”
“I am writing to let you know that I was offered a job. Thanks so much for the help. The interviewers were impressed by the story we practiced.”
“I used the resume that you and Amber wrote for me. Yesterday, I was called and asked if I was still interested in the position.”
“Thank you for the outstanding service and professionalism, this was a very rewarding experience for me.”
“My current boss shared with me that I was selected for the job because of my resume.”
“Your resume preparation helped me a lot! You did an excellent job! Thank you!”
“You provided very good tips, were responsive, and kept me motivated.”
“Thank you so much for all of your hard work in re-branding me.”
“Thank you so much for all of your hard work in re-branding me.”
“Carla … Tonight I just accepted a position as a Sr. Project Manager. I am beyond excited. With my new resume and skills, I was able to land a position that pays a base salary $15000 more than my previous position and that does not include bonuses.”


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  • "Good news! … thanks to your help, I made the cert and then got hired for the job. Again, thank you for all your help. (Your) company is wonderful and I (will) never hesitate to tell all the military families so."
    J.B. (Federal–Federal)
  • "I was offered and accepted the job this morning. I am very grateful for your support and encouragement."
    A.S. (Federal–Federal)
  • "It has been a joy working with you…. You keep on asking those questions and seeking the necessary information from your customers to ensure that they get the best resume ever. I will be referring folks to your site and tell them to ask for “you” specifically. I feel as though I received a great product for the money that I spent."
    M.C. (Federal–Federal)
  • "I was referred to the Resume Place…. After sending in my resume for review and being assigned to Ellen the real work and progress began. Within a few short months the job offers started coming in resulting in several interviews and offers."
    W.W. (private industry and local government–Federal)
  • "I have not forgotten about you and the exceptional service you provided. … I was hired by the Federal government last week; the entire process took less than 3 weeks! which I hear is unbelievably quick … Using your advice, resume and guidance from NAVAIR, my objective was accomplished! … Will never forget!! In today’s market, your commitment and service flat out incredible."
    P.H. (Military-Federal)
  • "Sharon, I just sent an email to Kathryn… I just wanted to profoundly THANK YOU… when I got to a quiet place and read the resume and KSA’s, I hardly recognized myself… It was pure magic, and I am eternally grateful. You a true gem, and very gifted. Thank You so very much!"
    A. K.
  • "Tonight I just accepted a position as a Sr. Project Manager. I am beyond excited. With my new resume and skills, I was able to land a position that pays a base salary $15000 more than my previous position and that does not include bonuses."
    J. K.
  • "I took your class last Thursday. I just wanted you to know that I applied for a private sector job yesterday and used some of the new techniques that you taught me. I targeted my cover letter, elaborated with details, sprinkled with keywords, and was prepared for the follow-up questionnaire.  The questionnaire asked for details, in paragraph form, and I wasn't a deer in the headlights this time. Anyway, I hit "submit" and an hour and a half later they called to ask me to interview. Even if this doesn't work out, I wanted to thank you.  You have given me tools that are very valuable. Before your class I was tired and frustrated after these months of floundering - now I have new hope.  Thank you again, you are amazing"
    Private Sector Position
  • "Thank you for the information regarding behavioral interviews. I viewed several federal hiring videos and read a number of articles but none analyzed the process or addressed the “so what” factor nearly as much as you. I’ve been out of the Army since December 2013 and haven’t had any success until now. We tend to adapt well to procedural/regulatory processes but need the roadmap in which you provide. On behalf of my family, thank you again for the assistance. I tend to dislike the phrase “Game Changer” but it’s the most appropriate description I can think of to describe the work you do."
    Target Position: Program Analyst, SV-0342-H/I, Transportation Security Administration
  • "I have gone over my resume several times and have completed my review. I want to say without the slightest hesitation what an outstanding job you have done. I have worked with Katheryn’s team since 2010. There is no question that the work your team has done for me has been integral to my success. However, the task that was put to you this time with a multi-year reorganization plan in front of me was a formidable challenge. You met this challenge and exceeded my expectations with what you have accomplished."
    Target Position:  Program Analyst, GS-0342-12, Veterans Administration
  • "Dear Carla, Thank you so much for all of your hard working in re-branding me. While July 4, 1776 is considered Americas New Beginning, it is much more personal to me with my re-branding. With my new resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, I am waiting for my fireworks to begin and I am sure the Finale will be spectacular. I will keep you posted where I end up. Thanks again for such outstanding work and for making this transition such a positive experience. Thanks again!"
  • "I was offered the position and will begin soon. I appreciated your help with my resume and interview preparation. You provided very good tips, were responsive, and kept me motivated."
    ‒ Applicant decided to leave the military. The Resume Place drafted a resume focused on translating this client’s military service. Client applied for 8 jobs, got 3 interviews and was offered a GS-13 position as a Support Services Supervisor.
  • "My current boss shared with me that I was selected for the job because of my resume, as it showed I was fully capable of taking on the position. I can’t stress enough how important a resume is in the Federal Government, so if it wasn’t for your outstanding abilities and expertise in writing resumes, odds are that even with my welding experience, I wouldn’t have been selected for the job, so thank you!" ‒ Jake S.
  • “I just heard from my agency. I have been offered and accepted the agency CFO position. Thank you for all your hard work on my resume. It made the difference! I’m so thrilled – can’t wait to start.”
    Applicant was hired as the CFO for a Large Healthcare Agency, after coming to The Resume Place and working with Kathryn Troutman on the 5-Page SES Resume
  • “Thank you for an outstanding job preparing me for a Senior Executive Service (SES) opportunity. Your ability to transform the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) (that you were also instrumental in developing) into a 5-page SES resume was astounding. The package sailed through five of the seven steps in the VA’s extensive evaluation process. Your expert knowledge of ECQ and Technical Qualification fundamentals ensure easy clearing of the VA’s steps one and two (minimum ECQ and Technical Qualification screening). The quality of the package resulted in my package being rated ‘best qualified’ in step three (Executive Review Board rating and ranking). The initial help you provided in construction of a full set of ECQs was critical to my excelling in step four of the process (structured interview). I specifically want to thank you for sharing your knowledge in my preparation for step five (screening by nominating organization, which included a second interview).”
    Applicant was hired into a SES position at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), after working with The Resume Place on the various stages of his SES application
  • "Thanks so much for all your help with this project! Those write-ups looked great! I got the word yesterday that OPM approved my package. Thank you."
    Applicant went from GS to a SES position with The Office of the Inspector General after coming to The Resume Place for help in rewriting a set of disapproved ECQs in the CCAR format and to include the leadership competencies required for each ECQ category.
  • “Your resume preparation helped me a lot! You did an excellent job! Thank you!”
  • “Prior to your assistance, I got absolutely nowhere! I applied for at least 12 positions without being referred and I could not understand why. I was really frustrated! I searched the web and found The Resume Place. I realize now how different the federal application process is from private sector. Resumes must be in a proper format, you must write answers to KSAs, provide additional documentation, and target the right jobs. Without the professional assistance, guidance and advice you provided, I would have never realized these results. The investment I made with The Resume Place has paid off!”
  • “I want to first start by saying THANK YOU! You were always prompt in your responses and very patient with me. I applied to only 2-3 positions before being selected for an interview for a position as GS-12 Procurement Analyst with the Dept of Health & Human Services DHHS. I was offered the job AND a salary increase of $10K over my private sector salary. I will strongly recommend your company to family and friends.”
  • "Ma'am, Taking a moment here to inform you of Pam's outstanding performance as my writer. Pam's talent in communication is second to none...she made me feel like a long-lost friend. She was able to extract talents that I thought were insignificant and did not apply so therefore I ignored. I was selected for the GS-11 job yesterday. I was told that the deciding factor came down to the resume. I am recommending your company to all of my co-workers, friends and family and recommend her as their writer."

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