Military veterans and wounded warriors face substantial challenges in transitioning into civilian life.  If you’re a veteran or wounded warrior, The Resume Place is committed to helping you find the keys to success on the other side of your military career.  Our staff has worked extensively with military veterans and we know what it takes to help you succeed – in any job market. Our services for military veterans include:

Career Consultation

Are you a wounded warrior or military veteran? Are you attempting to transition from the military to a civilian career? Are you struggling with translating the skills you developed during military service? Do you know how to best demonstrate your unique background to civilian employers?

Our goal is to help you design a job search strategy that matches your background so that you can find your “best fit” in the civilian world. Our Career Coaches have the answers to your questions, solutions for your job search problems, important information about opportunities, networking, and hiring processes.

Your Career Consultation will include the following:

Review of your past job search history

  • A review of your current resume and comparison between your resume and the government occupational standards that could work for your experience and education;
  • A review of the types of positions you have been seeking and a review of your past status with your applications.

Job Search Strategy Development

  • Analysis of your background, including education, certifications, experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities in the context of state and local government jobs;
  • A recommended job “target”;
  • Analysis of gaps between your background and your target;
  • Identification of “key words” in job announcements

Tutorial on Analyzing Job Announcements

  • We will teach you how to read a vacancy announcement for qualifications that are significant for a successful application

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Resume Writing

One of the toughest parts of a job search is crafting a competitive resume.  Your resume is a single document that must convey not only your background, but also the unique qualities that differentiate you from a competitive applicant pool. This is even more true for military veterans.  After all, you have to translate your military background and skills into language that civilian hiring managers will understand.

Our resume writing service includes: an initial telephone interview with your assigned writer, an analysis of your target job, a review of your current documents, and a professionally-written targeted resume.

It’s a great investment in your career! Look at our resume writing and consulting rates and compare the cost of an expertly crafted resume with the first year salary of your target job. The return on investment is substantial if you can break into government and begin your career. And it is tax deductible.

When you purchase our Resume Writing service, you receive the following:

  • An initial telephonic interview with your assigned writer. Your writer will explain the process, determine additional required information, and coach you on developing accomplishment stories.
  • An analysis of your target job. Your writer will thoroughly analyze your target employment classification and your active job announcement, if you have one. This analysis is a key component of the process and helps your writer determine key words/phrases, which skills to highlight, and any potential weaknesses in your background.
  • A review of your documents. Your writer will review your current resume, supporting materials, and accomplishment write-ups to determine what should be included in your new resume. If you’re applying for an active job announcement, your writer will review the announcement to confirm that you possess all of your requirement documentation.
  • Targeted resume writing. Your writer will design and write a new resume based on the information you provide, the employment classification, and the target job announcement (if applicable). We view writing as a collaborative process, so you’ll have a chance to review and comment on an initial draft. The final draft will be in our highly successful outline format, targeted to your goal position, and designed to meet the expectations of both human resources professionals and hiring managers.

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Cover Letter Writing

For job applicants seeking to gain an extra edge over the competition, consider investing in our professional cover letter writing service.  Cover letters are always advisable when submitting a job application.  Using an expertly crafted cover letter can help you stand out from the rest of the applicant pool and highlight what you can bring to the table – including transferrable skills gained during your military service. Use a cover letter to feature your skills, accomplishments, and qualifications.

The Resume Place recommends using cover letters to help your application package stand out. Our team of professional writers is well-versed in crafting compelling letters that will pack a punch and show off the very best of what you have to offer.  If you want to impress your future boss, invest in a cover letter.

When you purchase our Cover Letter Writing service, you receive the following:

  • An analysis of your target position.  Your writer will analyze your resume, your target position, and any other available information to determine what to highlight in the letter.
  • A collaborative process.  Your writer will work with you to develop your angle or story.  And you’ll have the opportunity to review and comment on the cover letter draft before it is finalized.
  • A professionally written one-page cover letter. Your writer will create a compelling image of you as a professional and potential employee, focusing not just on qualifications but also on your accomplishments. Your new federal cover letter will help you stand out!

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Application Coaching

If you’re just starting your federal job search, you need to know how to navigate the online application/submission process.  Our application coaching service helps remove the stress from applying for federal jobs by giving you the most up-to-date guidance on job application requirements.  Federal job applications must comply with a series of stringent requirements – and a single mistake in the application process can push you out of contention for a job for which you’re otherwise qualified. Invest in yourself and consult with one of our coaches so that you can be armed with the knowledge necessary for a successful federal job application.

Your one-hour long application coaching session will include:

  • An overview of USAJOBS and the application process in general;
  • A tutorial on finalizing your USAJOBS profile, uploading your resume and supporting documentation, and using the resume-builder;
  • A tutorial on the submission process, with an emphasis on questionnaire analysis and response.

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Interview Preparation

Congratulations! You made it to the interview!  Make sure you’re prepared by knowing what to expect and how to respond.  Federal job interviews are tests and your answers will be scored. If you’ve made it to the interview stage, the job is within your grasp…if you perform well.  Invest in your future by working with one of our expert interview coaches to improve your interview techniques and boost your self-confidence.

Our interview preparation is conducted by phone and is designed to help you prepare for the Performance Based Interview (PBI). With PBI, the interviewer carefully defines the skills needed for the job and structures the interview process to elicit behavioral examples of past performance.

You may select a one- or two-hour preparation session.

The one hour session includes:

  • An analysis of the job announcement with a specific focus on top-level skills and competencies;
  • A discussion about government interview formats and OPM guidelines;
  • Sample questions and ratings, based on questions actually used by government hiring managers;
  • Coaching on your best accomplishment story;
  • An introduction to behavior-based interviewing.

The two hour session also includes:

  • A “Basic Interview Skills” packet, including general practice questions;
  • Sample position-specific questions, based on a thorough review of your application materials and vacancy announcement;
  • A recorded telephone mock-interview;
  • A question-by-question critique of the mock interview with feedback, suggestions for improvement, and additional tips;
  • Private access to your mock-interview recording so that you can listen to and practice your interview techniques.

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