Technical Qualifications and Cover Letters


Managerial Technical Qualifications (TQs)

The Technical Qualifications are different than the ECQs in that they are specific to the mission and technical skills required by the position. The TQs are written based on your expertise for the last 5-10 years.

Executive Cover Letter Writing

The Executive Cover Letter or Letter of Interest will present your specialized experience, possibly a point about your best leadership accomplishment, and a compelling statement about your candidacy for the position. This cover letter can be a template for other applications.

Want to see samples of RP TQs and Cover Letters?

The New SES Application contains samples of ECQs, the 5-page SES Federal Resume, TQs and two Cover Letters.

The New SES Application -- book cover

SES ECQ TRAINERS IN GOVERNMENT AGENCIES – Testimonial From Air Force Civilian Executive ECQ Courses

The eight hours of class this past Thursday and Friday were absolutely fabulous! I truly wish I would have had this training as part of my Executive TAP over three years ago. From the start of the first day, I knew this course was going to be fantastic – we did not have “Death by Power Point,” as Kathryn and Susan put us to work writing (and thinking) right away! If only the rest of DoD operated with academic rigor like these two made us do. My USA Jobs resume is already improved 1000% (yes, 10 times better, at a minimum), and I now believe I have the confidence and skills to actually write ECQs. Again, thank you so much for the support. Cheers, John