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In the 21st century, federal government executives face special challenges.  They must be visionary leaders with a strong commitment to public service.  They must be able to apply “people skills” to motivate employees, build partnerships, and communicate with customers.  Finally, they need solid management skills to produce optimum results with limited resources.

If you’re pursuing a career in the federal Senior Executive Service (SES), you’re probably already aware of the rigorous process and fierce competition.  To be successful, you need to demonstrate specific Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) and technical qualifications (TQs) through a record of accomplishment, bolstered by an executive-level resume and cover letter.  The Resume Place enjoys a long track-record of successfully guiding SES applicants through the course of selecting accomplishments, writing narratives, and navigating the application process.

SES Services include Consulting and Writing.  When you bring The Resume Place’s expert SES Team on board to help you with your project, you’ll receive:

  • Consulting regarding your accomplishments and coaching on how to decide on and develop your Top Ten List of Accomplishments;
  • Analysis of your accomplishment record and a gap analysis showing how your accomplishments map into the Executive Core Qualifications and identifying potential weaknesses;
  • Reviewing and editing of your accomplishment record to ensure that the CCAR format (Context, Challenge, Action, Results) is being properly used;
  • Editing and rewriting your drafts to meet OPM’s strict writing requirements to place emphasis on your executive leadership experiences;
  • Ensuring that the writing style used in the narratives, cover letter, and resume is in active voice, concise, positive, and – most importantly – at an executive level.

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 Our SES Services:

SES Application Writing Webinar Training

NEW! This training provides the option for SES candidates to receive individual assistance with developing an effective SES application through training that can be approved and paid for by your agency. This highly individualized training will guide you through the process of preparing your SES application in 6 weeks.

Developed and presented by the authors of The New SES Application, this training will give you expert help with all components of the SES application: Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs), Executive Federal Resume, 5-Page SES Resume, and the Technical Qualifications (TQs).

This highly-individualized training incorporates weekly webinars, writing assignments to develop your SES application, and review and critique of your drafts.

This training is an invaluable time- and money-saving new offering that is currently in demand!

Training Fee: $2,895

Government Agency Credit Card Payment Accepted

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SES Application Coaching

Tap into our Senior Executive Service (SES) expertise and maximize your career potential with your SES applications. Get your critical questions answered about applying for SES positions.

Select your SES consulting topics from our most requested issues below. Each topic will be covered in separate one-hour phone coaching session with one of our SES experts.

SES Basics

  • Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) writing style
  • Top Ten List of Accomplishments
  • Context/Challenge/Action/Results (CCAR) and leadership and fundamental competencies

Application Planning

  • Advisory services for executives seeking SES positions
  • Tailored advice for private industry professionals, military officers, and federal employees seeking future or current SES
  • Strategies to reach SES level: what does it take in terms of career experience?

SES Career Development and Leadership Programs

  • How the CDP programs can help you work toward an SES Career
  • How to write the SES application and narrative for Candidate Development Programs (CDPs)

Interpreting SES announcements

  • Review your qualifications
  • Match your qualifications to an announcement
  • Analyze specialized experience
  • Update applications for new announcements

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Executive Federal Resume

Showcase your leadership skills with a properly-written Executive Resume using the Outline Format, a format we developed and is preferred by Federal Human Resources specialists. Our careful vacancy announcement analysis identifies the keywords to use to strategically build your resume. We will interview you for accomplishment examples to highlight your leadership skills, and ensure the crosswalk between your resume and the ECQs is mapped. Our expertise in crafting this difficult resume is critical to ensuring that your qualifications are clearly demonstrated.

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Executive Core Qualifications

To address the five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs), you must write about two leadership accomplishments (one page each) for each of the five ECQs, totaling to ten pages total of ECQ writing.

We will assist you in selecting accomplishments to match each ECQ and in drafting your narratives in the required OPM format: the Context of each accomplishment; the Challenge of what you achieved; the Actions that you took to achieve this accomplishment; and the Results that occurred from your effort. We will also include the 28 Leadership Competencies in your ECQs.

The five Executive Core Qualifications:

  • Leading Change – What have you done to lead change?
  • Leading People – How do you lead people?
  • Results Driven – What results have you achieved?
  • Business Acumen – Business examples include: Information Technology, Human Resources and Financial Management
  • Building Coalitions – How have you built coalitions to achieve your mission?

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5-Page SES Resume

The 5-page SES Resume is the hardest resume to write — on EARTH! The newest Executive Federal Resume format for SES positions is written in 5 pages which includes: 5 ECQs, Technical Qualifications AND your executive career history and a short version of the Context-Challenge-Action-Results Model.

The SES Federal Resume is an executive resume that includes the entire work history, education, certifications, plus at least five Leadership Accomplishments. This resume includes:

  • Your work history details for the last 10 years with accomplishments
  • Keywords from the announcement and from the senior level responsibilities typically required in federal positions: strategic planning, policy development, and leadership development
  • Professional profile of expertise and highlights of significant experience for the prior 10 years
  • Properly edited and formatted history of education, certifications, honors, awards, and relevant training
  • The Executive Federal Resume will be designed based on the announcement instructions: as an Executive Federal Resume or as one of the ECQ Federal Resumes that could be 3 or 5 pages in length.

While most agencies still require the Traditional 10-page format, there is a government wide trend going in the way of 5-page SES resumes. We can prepare your traditional SES resume as well as convert it into the 5-page SES resume. We will edit your long-version ECQs into 250 words or less and add them into your executive resume.

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Technical Qualifications

The Technical Qualifications are different than the ECQs in that they are specific to the mission and technical skills required by the position. The TQs are written based on your expertise for the last 5-10 years.

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Executive Cover Letter

The Executive Cover Letter or Letter of Interest will present your specialized experience, possibly a point about your best leadership accomplishment, and a compelling statement about your candidacy for the position. This cover letter can be a template for other applications.

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Executive Interview Prep

Congratulations! Your SES resume was reviewed by the selection committee and they have called you in for the first interview. Are you ready and prepared for that experience?

Prepare for your Performance-Based Interview (PBI)

  • Do you know what to say when first asked “So, tell us about yourself and why you think you are a good candidate for this position”.
  • Do you know how to create your compelling story during an interview that positions you as the best candidate for the job?
  • Do you know the types of interviews and how to prepare and navigate the assessment involved in a federal SES interview?
  • Do you know what questions to ask at the conclusion of the interview?

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