Make Payment / Deposit

In order to provide payment flexibility for our clients, we offer a deposit payment option.
You can use the form below to make an online payment.
If you would prefer to call our office with our credit card information, or if you have questions, please call M-F, 9 to 5 pm: (888) 480-8265 or (410) 744-4324.

Payment Terms


  • For projects under $600, full payment is due before start of services.
  • For projects $600 and up, a 60% deposit is due before start of services.
    The deposit amount due is detailed in your invoice and must be paid to start your project.


Your writer will send a proof to you of your federal resume. This proof will represent at least 90% of the work toward your final federal resume. Upon receipt of your proof and acceptance of the draft, we will charge the final portion of your invoice that is quoted. If there are multiple projects within our service commitment, we will charge you for each component of the package as you receive your documents. By the completion of the final documents you will be paid IN FULL before the final documents are sent to you.

Ready to Place a Deposit or Make a Payment ?

If you have received a quote from our office and are ready to start your project with a deposit, please pay the deposit below. Once received, your project will be assigned to a writer or consultant right away. You will be contacted by your writer or consultant by email within one business day to start your project. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.

The payment input below can be used to make deposit payments and other payments as well.



Online Deposit / Payment for Resume Place Services:
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Please call client services at (888) 480-8265 or (410) 744 4324.