Negotiation Coaching


Most people assume that job offers from the federal government are non-negotiable, but this is often not the case. With this service, you will receive an initial 60-minute phone consultation with several follow-up emails and discussions which can make a significant difference to your federal pay package! There is a thorough review of your candidacy, value and negotiation strength for various opportunities before beginning to negotiate. There are at least 5 different factors that you can negotiate for!


  • Which GS Step within a certain Grade you may be able to qualify for
  • How to negotiate with the federal human resources personnel
  • About the other allowances, incentives, or bonuses that you may ask for before you accept the job offer
  • How to ask for and negotiate for Federal Student Loan Repayment
  • How to ask for and negotiate for additional Annual Leave based on numbers of years in a certain expertise.
  • Check out the Memorandum from OPM Director on the Annual Leave Accrual for SES and SL/ST new hires.
  • How to interpret the Federal Workforce Flexibility Act of 2004 in your favor.
  • How to present your requests in writing to the HR specialist after you have received a job offer — and before you accept the job offer.


Negotiation Coaching - All Levels $225.00 Qty:

Kathryn Troutman wrote about Negotiate Your Way to a Higher Federal Salary. “People frequently ask me if it’s possible to negotiate a higher federal salary. The answer is yes, provided you have some basic information about government pay scales.”   Read the article here »

Client Testimonial

“Hi Kathryn,

My name is Glenn. I have received a “firm job offer” from the Army for a GS-12 Engineer position at Ft. Gordon, GA. The job announcement included a salary range and payment of PCS expenses. However, since I am already at the top of my pay grade it would be a lateral salary move for me.

In the “boiler plate” information of the job announcement was the phrase “Possible Repayment of Student Loans”. So, in order to compensate for the lateral salary move, I have asked for student loan repayment. Installation personnel were not familiar with this feature of the job announcement and frankly were not even aware it was there. Two weeks ago I sent enough federal regulation data to educate them and have heard nothing back.

My question is this: Can the Army get fed up with me and withdraw the firm job offer? Is there a statute of limitations for accepting a firm job offer? (This is a nerve racking time for me because I am not an experienced negotiator).”

Follow-Up Email:

“Started working at US Army Ft. Gordon May 24. They are paying full PCS (except for home purchase) and paying off my student loans. Even though it is a lateral move (GS-12 to GS-12), it is a raise since I was facing $300+/month student loan payments for the next 7 years plus the PCS budget on my official ORDERS is, before taxes, over $40K! After being so unappreciated for so long at my former job, I am still in shock that someone is actually willing to pay that kind of money to get me. To top it off, my new supervisor is wonderful.

It’s funny…the perception was at my former job that the supervisor would throw anyone under the bus to save his own hide. At my new job, the perception is the supervisor would throw himself under the bus for us!

If you need anything from me, let me know. It was YOUR encouragement that helped me keep it together during that stressful time. The Subject line of my first email to you on March 8 was “Please help a timid negotiator” and that is what you did.

God bless, Glenn”