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Attention aspiring ALJs and IJs: The Resume Place offers dedicated application services and consultative support for aspiring Administrative Law Judges and Immigration Judges. This page combines our ALJ & IJ service offerings, since the qualifications and application requirements overlap.

Congratulations if you have made it to the next stage of your ALJ Examination! We heard form many ALJ candidates who are now seeking help with the Written Component, Assessment Examination Structured Interview

We are offering the following ALJ Examination package:


Thank you for ordering our ALJ recorded webinar and ALJ Guide. Congratulations on your next step toward the ALJ Examination components.

Here is a description of the important ALJ examination documents that are included in this package. Nicole Schultheis, JD, will be in touch to see if you need any assistance with any part of the application. All of the documents included in the Document Dropbox, including the recorded webinar, will help you navigate and improve your overall score for your ALJ Examination.


Book: Writing the ALJ Application, ALJ Application PowerPoint (Resume Place), plus a collection of researched documents to help you prepare for the ALJ Examination by Nicole Schultheis and Resume Place, Inc. Publisher

13 ALJ Examination documents:
Recently researched and compiled to help you navigate the ALJ Examination components: articles, press releases, government agency test preparation packages, and documents to help you prepare for the next steps of the ALJ examination.

90 minutes with Nicole Schultheis reviewing the entire AL application, important ALJ Core Competencies plus definitions; how to write the best accomplishment narratives; and tips for the ALJ Federal Resume. Copyright 2017, Resume Place, Inc.


  • ALJ Writing Guide, 2nd Edition
    By Nicole Schultheis and Kathryn Troutman,
    Published by Resume Place, Inc.
    176-page publication, also listed on
  • ALJ Examination Webinar PowerPoint
    by Nicole Schultheis and Kathryn Troutman
    © 2016, Kathryn Troutman.
    (helpful for the Written and Structured Interview Component)
    by Nicole Schultheis
  • Sample CCAR Accomplishment Stories for ALJ Candidates
    (helpful for the Written Component)
    by Nicole Schultheis


  • *** READ ME FIRST, NEW ! OPM document just published 11/2017 – Administrative Law Judge Examination – How you Will be Evaluated – Basis for Rating and MORE!
  • Administrative Law Judge Examination, Office of Personnel Management, USAJOBS announcement, Closed 8 30 2017
  • Appendix J: ALJ Position Description, HumRRO
  • Manual for Administrative Law Judges, Journal of National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary, Vol. 23, Issue 3, Manual for Administrative Law Judges


  • FAMS PrepGuide.pdf, Federal Air Marshal Assessment Battery, January 2010 – added to the ALJ application preparation documents to help you prepare for the examination.
  • Special Agent Test Battery Preparation Manual, USCIS
  • Practice Situational Judgement Test- Answers and Candidate Guidance Booklet, Assessment Day, June 2011
  • Practice Situational Judgement Test, Question Workbook, Assessment Day, June 2011


    The Persistent Cultural Script of Judicial Dispassion, Terry A. Maroney, California Law Review, Volume 99, Issue 2, April 30, 2011

    Press Release – Department of Justice, Office of public Affairs, Aug. 2017, “Return to Rule of Law in Trump Administration Marked by Increase in Key Immigration Statistics.”

ADDITIONALLY, Nicole Schultheis provides outstanding ALJ Structured Interview Preparation Services.

$580.00 for performance-based, structured interview practice and preparation. The interview preparation is critical!
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See description of services below.


ALJ or IJ Resume:
Resume development plus associated accomplishments consulting
(8 hours): $1800 (deposit $1080)

ALJ Narratives:
Two ALJ Narratives plus associated application review/consulting
(4 hours): $900 (deposit $540)

ALJ Resume plus Narratives:
Resume development, two ALJ application narratives plus associated accomplishments and application review and consulting (12 hours): $2700 (deposit $1620)

Optional ALJ Case Listing:
Up to 6 cases, based on your draft (1 hour): $225 (add to another package deposit or pay in full)

IJ Narratives:
Usually 2 hours apiece for each narrative (up to 6). If adding IJ narratives to an ALJ package, or adding ALJ narratives to an IJ application, your quote will be reduced. Contact us for specific pricing.


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We recommend our ALJ Writing Guide for DIY judicial resume preparation and insight into the 13 ALJ Competencies – which are not defined in the ALJ announcement. The guide includes those definitions and provides sample accomplishment narratives in the CCAR writing style! It also includes sample qualifying experience narratives that comply with the instructions provided by OPM.

This guide is included free of charge if you purchase ALJ or IJ services or attend our Webinar.

You can order the ALJ Guide as an immediate download PDF or print book! $49.95!

Order the book

Recorded Video ALJ & IJ Webinar, $259.

Webinar attendees receive the eBook version of the ALJ Writing Guide as well as multiple other handouts helpful for both ALJ and IJ candidates. We also encourage those who purchase ALJ or IJ application services to attend one of these webinars or to listen to a recorded version. The webinar and eBook are included as part of the application services package.

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ALJ / IJ Application Services:

This service begins with the preparation of a resume, which may be used for ALJ and/or IJ applications. To be an ALJ, you MUST have a combined total of seven (7) years’ full time qualifying litigation and/or administrative law experience. You will be disqualified without the full complement of the right kind of work. Your resume should specifically account for and describe your qualifying experience by MONTH and YEAR. In your job blocks, we will use language that matches the definitions for that qualifying experience. (To be an IJ, you need 7 years’ post-admission attorney experience – though there is no specific minimum, substantial litigation, conducting administrative hearings and knowledge of judicial practices/procedures are quality ranking factors. Knowledge and experience in immigration law should also be highlighted). Your resume should also have appropriate education and licensing information, as well as relevant pro bono, writing, and teaching experience. If you have specific experience in allied fields, this should be summarized as well (public health, nursing, interpreting-especially Spanish, case management, rehabilitation services, counseling, etc.). Your resume should also contain accomplishment summaries that align with the ALJ competencies and/or the IJ quality ranking factors.

ALJ or IJ Resume:

This service includes an initial consult to review the entire application and examination process for the ALJ exam, the IJ application process, or both. You will also receive a copy of The ALJ Writing Guide 2nd Edition, a link to attend (or receive a recording of) our ALJ/IJ Webinar, and assorted handouts. Once you are deemed eligible to proceed, the ALJ exam will require you to apply your narrative writing skills in an online test. The accomplishment writing exercise you will go through as part of the resume development process will help you practice for this online testing. The IJ application also requires a resume to begin the application process – the same resume writing process is involved.


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The ALJ Application contains a questionnaire with two questions that require a narrative response. These narratives must detail your qualifying litigation and administrative law experience. The requirements for these narratives are highly specific – and the instructions are not included in the questionnaire itself, only in the announcement. Thus, you must prepare them in advance. Many candidates have been deemed ineligible to proceed because these narratives or other parts of the questionnaire omitted required detail or was not specific enough to enable the reviewer to confirm the minimum required experience under OPM’s very strict rules.

The IJ Application requires the upload of a separate document with narratives that respond to at least four (4) and up to six (6) quality ranking factors. The instructions for these narratives are also very specific. We recommend two (2) to three (3) pages apiece for these narratives. We will edit your raw content to match the recommended style for accomplishment narratives while also supplying the specific information requested.

Important Additional Information for ALJ Applicants:

Applicants who have cleared the preliminary screening (which includes uploading a resume, and responding appropriately to the experience and licensure questions), and are deemed eligible to proceed, will be invited to compete for a position on the ALJ Register by completing the multiple-component ALJ exam. The purpose of these components is to evaluate the 13 competencies, or knowledge, skills, and abilities, essential to performing the work of an ALJ. The components are listed below.

Online Component:

Section 1 – Situational Judgment Test (SJT)

Section 2 – Writing Sample

Section 3 – Experience Assessment

Proctored Component (held in DC):

Section 1 – Written Demonstration (WD)

Section 2 – Logic-Based Measurement Test (LBMT)

In-person Component (held in DC):

Structured Interview (SI) – Services are provided!

The resume and narrative preparation services quoted above are also helpful when it comes to the successful completion of the online, proctored, and in-person components of the ALJ exam. Although you must complete this exam independently, and we are not able to share exam questions or sample answers with you, our resume and narrative preparation services do include materials that will help you practice the skills you will need to apply for each of these exam components. However, The Resume Place is offering two-part Structured Interview preparation services to help you get ready for your interview! More information here ».

Nicole Schultheis has helped hundreds of attorneys and other senior candidates compete successfully for federal positions. In addition to Administrative Law Judge candidates, she has helped aspiring Administrative Judges, Hearing Officers, Immigration Judges and Administrative Patent Judges. She has supported legal and law enforcement candidates at the Department of Justice, FBI, ICE, CBP, DHS, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Department of Defense, as well as applicants to numerous agency Offices of General Counsel, Inspectors General, and Legislative Counsel offices.

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