Cover Letters


In his Nov 1st hiring reform memo, President Obama recommended the use of a cover letter with the federal job application, and currently, cover letters are being accepted as an attached file in most of the automated application systems for federal jobs. Use the cover letter to briefly feature your best skills, accomplishments, and qualifications for the job in order to stand out from the rest of the applications in front of the hiring manager.

Our professionally written cover letter can be used as a template for all your federal applications.


Entry Level Service
GS-5 through GS-7 : $27K - $41K base salaries
$125.00 Qty:
Mid Level Service
GS-9 through GS-11: $42K - $59K base salaries
$150.00 Qty:
Senior Level Service
GS-12 through GS-14 : $60K - $99K base salaries
$175.00 Qty:
Executive Level Service
GS-15 : $100K - $130K base salaries
$200.00 Qty:

Then, we will:

  • Analyze the target position and your background
  • Analyze other target positions that are similar to find the critical keywords and skills
  • Look for an angle or story to keep the interest of the reader in the letter
  • Make your cover letter compelling, passionate, and demonstrate interest in the position
  • Check that the letter is factual, short, and on-target with the information

Our final product can be both a custom letter and serve as a template for future use.