ALJ Structured Interview

Congratulations to everyone who was invited to the ALJ Structured interview!

ALJ Structured Interview Prep with Audio Recording

Recommended for Executive Level, SES, SL, SE & ALJ candidates

Congratulations, if you are invited to the ALJ Structured interview! The Structured Interview is founded on the premise that recent past behavior is the best predictor of future performance in similar circumstances. A Structured Interview consists of carefully planned, job-related questions that are scored systematically to identify highly qualified job candidates. You will be scored on your Structured Interview based on your specific answers to the competency and situational questions.


An expert federal interview trainer will prepare you for this type of interview, giving you the insights and confidence you need. This service is conducted in person or by phone. Training is completed in two sessions (150 minutes, total). Your fee covers additional time needed for the instructor to review your resume, narratives, employer materials, and other documents as needed.


  • 18 Sample ALJ Interview Questions
  • PowerPoint Slides on Structured Interviews, abstract from The New SES Application, 2nd Ed., by Diane Hudson and Kathryn Troutman
  • FAMS Prep Guide including tips on multiple choice Logic Tests
  • Extract from ALJ Writing Guide, 2nd Ed., by Nicole Schultheis, which includes definitions of the 13 ALJ Core Competencies and Tips on Structured Interviews
  • Additional Structured Interview resources, including links to websites and video materials, are recommended for practice and insight!


SESSION 1 – Prepare, recognize accomplishments and ALJ Competencies: The first session will focus upon the accomplishments and message that you want to present in your interview. The instructor will prepare a full set of questions for the second session, which will be a scored, mock Performance-Based Interview.

SESSION 2 – Practice with recording, feedback and tips to improve your stories and overall presentation: The second session will include individual question feedback, and tips on how to improve your overall presentation. The mock interview session and critique will be recorded and provided to you afterwards in mp3 format.

Specific topics include:

  • Understand the interview structure and the scoring process, which evaluates behavioral benchmarks
  • Discussion of the importance of the 13 ALJ Competencies
  • Create a framework for responding to questions such as “Tell us about yourself,” “What makes you a good applicant for this position?” and “Why do you want this job?”
  • Prepare 5 accomplishments to match 5 of the ALJ Competencies for your recorded practice session.
  • Map your accomplishments by leadership qualifications and/or other specialized competencies, and use a proven method for developing a narrative response to the interview questions
  • Connect your answers to the mission and strategic objectives of the organization
  • Learn a framework for responding to hypothetical questions
  • Practice your responses in a recorded mock interview, answering performance-based questions tailored expressly for you
  • Question-by- question critique plus an overall review of the mock interview, to gain insights for improving interview performance
  • Understand how to answer the unscored supplemental interview “fit” questions and follow post interview etiquette
  • Access your session recording after the second session, so that you can review your performance and improve your interview skills
  • Follow appropriate post interview etiquette

We need at least one week to schedule the two appointments for this service.

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