Senior Executive Service Consulting

9/20/2016: “Kathryn/Sharon, Just wanted to say thanks. I applied for another SES position using the documents you helped me create and was selected today by the selecting official. Thanks again!”
9/19/2016: “Kathryn, I want to ‘THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH’ for your assistance with my EPP application — I was accepted! :>) I believe your review of my application made the difference with my acceptance. Regards”
8/09/16: “Hi Nicole, I am pleased to update you on my SES CDP status. I was recently informed that the OPM QRB ‘approved me for non-competitive appointment to the Senior Executive Service.’ ”
7/28/16 – “Sharon, Congratulations! As seen in the quote, I have a foot wedged in the door. Wish me luck. ‘An independent review panel has determined that you are one of the most highly qualified candidates.’ “
7/21/16: “Sharon, I just received this note! ‘CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your ECQs have been approved!’ Thank you for your help! “
4/28/16: “Sharon, I just got offered the deputy CFO position!!!!!”
7/8/16: “Hi Nicole, You helped me revise my ECQs 1 and 2. Well you must have the magic touch! I was just informed that the QRB approved the revision and I am now SES certified. Thank you so much! I plan to refer a friend to your company as she may need some help with hers soon.”
4/25/16: “Kathryn / John: Wanted to let you both know that I cleared OPM! ECQ’s are certified! Words cannot express how deeply I appreciate your help in getting me through this process. This has been an absolute roller-coaster emotionally.”
2/3/16: Nicole, GOOD NEWS I just received this message: “You have been selected to interview for the position and we will be conducting interviews starting next week.”
01/08/15: “Nicole – you are a miracle worker! Thank you so much for your help and advice on my portfolio…I hope you have a blessed New Year.” (This was a QRB Turnaround)
12/29/15: “Sharon. The board approved my resubmission. 2015 has definitely been a year for learning and growing. Thanks for helping me get here.”
“Nicole – Thank you! Thank you! OPM certified my ECQ’s. I appreciate your support and thank you. “
“Rita, thought I would let you know that I made it past the initial review for the DHS SES CDP Program.Thanks again for all your help!”
“I learned the other day that my SES packet was approved by the QRB. It would take more than the QRB’s max of 5,200 words to express how grateful I am to you.”
“Nicole, Thanks for the assistance i writing my ECQs.. that hard and countless re-writes/edits paid off… I wanted to let you know that my ECQ’s were approved by the review board..”
“Nicole, As a result of your tremendous assistance, the OPM QRB certified my ECQs and I was subsequently appointed to the SES in July 2015.”
“Nicole, Thank you again for all your assistance. Your 100% record or QRB Success is still intact!”
“Barbara, yes, your email does indeed find me as a newly appointed member of the SES! I am certain that my success was due in very large part to you! Working with you was indeed a joy, and worth every single penny! Did I say thank you???…well, THANK YOU!”
“Just wanted to shoot you a note and let you know that I made the referral list for interviews for the Director Position. So kudos to you – – your work was a success!”

Senior Executive Service Consulting Fee: $190 per hour

Consult with one of our expert SES consultants about your project to determine the most effective and efficient strategy for your application and writing project. Highly recommended: one to two hours.


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Tap into our proven Senior Executive Service consulting expertise to maximize your career potential and present a competitive SES application package.

Select your SES consulting topics from our most requested ones below. Each topic is covered in a separate one-hour phone coaching session with one of our knowledgeable SES career experts.

SES Basics ‒ Getting Started

  • The Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) writing style
  • The Top Ten List of Leadership Accomplishments
  • The CCAR (Context/Challenge/Action/Results) Model for leadership and fundamental competencies

SES Strategies for Your Application

  • Presenting a package that is competitive
  • Advisory services for Executives seeking SES-level positions
  • Tailored advice for Private Industry Professionals, Military Officers, and Federal Employees seeking future or current SES opportunities
  • Strategies to reach SES level: What does it take in terms of career experience?

Interpreting SES Announcements

  • Creating a list of those crucial keywords for your application
  • Evaluating both your leadership and technical qualifications
  • Matching your qualifications to meet your targeted career goals
  • Evaluating your specialized experience
  • Updating and strengthening applications for current and future vacancy announcements

SES Career Development Application Writing

  • How the Candidate Development Program (CDP) can help you meet your career goal of obtaining an SES position
  • How to write and strengthen your SES application and narrative for selection for the CDP

SES Application Services and Submission

  • A complete review of your USAJOBS Account, including your all-important Profile
  • Uploading relevant documents
  • Uploading or copy and pasting the Resume, Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and Technical Qualifications (TQs)
  • Explanation of instructions for applying correctly
  • Application / submission of your SES application for you and with you


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