Free Federal Resume Builder, KSA Builder, Cover Letter Builder and Application Writing Builders

freebuildersSince 1996, thousands of jobseekers have used our free job search builders. They are very simple to use and will help you get your thoughts recorded and organized. Just click on the links below to overcome your writer’s block!

KSA Builder »

Write your KSAs with our Context-Challenge-Action-Results builder. A popular builder that will help you stay organized and focused on the best examples for your KSA narratives. With the Challenge and the Results your score will be better than the non-CCAR formula.

Federal Resume Builder »

Write your first federal resume with our federal resume builder. The builder will ask you questions about your work experience, education, training, and specialized expertise. This information will be helpful for our federal resume writer to build the best resume for submission to the USAJOBS application system.

Cover Letter Builder »

Write your cover letter with clear paragraphs stating what you are seeking and why you are the best candidate for the particular position you are applying for.

NSPS Self-Assessment Builder »

Write your NSPS Self-Asssessment Accomplishments with the structured CCAR format. Give a complete example with the challenges and results of your work. Scores can be higher with the CCAR writing style.

The Resume Place’s NSPS Keyword Tree »

For the best resource in finding keywords to use in your self-assessments, check out this invaluable and totally free tool!