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Our Context-Challenge-Action-Results KSA format will help your application score better.

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No resume? Easily draft your first federal resume with our questionnaire format.

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Write your cover letter with clear paragraphs stating what you are seeking and why you are the best candidate.

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Use this builder to help you create your self-assessment in the highly-successful CCAR format.

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For the best resource in finding keywords to use in your self-assessments, visit this valuable, free resource!

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Mark your calendars for career conferences throughout the U.S. and attend Kathryn’s Federal Career Workshops!

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Learn how to navigate the government job search process from start to finish with the acclaimed book and workshop curriculum developed by Kathryn Troutman, the “Federal Resume Guru.”

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Writing Your First Basic Military to Federal Resume

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Kathryn Troutman’s webinars are crafted by “The Federal Resume Guru” herself to help you understand key points of a successful job search campaign. Webinars are recorded so that you can revisit as needed. Sign up now!

Ten Steps to a Federal Job® »

A Successful Campaign Strategy for a Federal Job

Be aware that the federal job search and resume is very different from that of the private industry. Follow these 10 Steps to make your government job search more manageable and ultimately land a job with Uncle Sam:

  • Step 1: Network
  • Step 2: Become Familiar with the Hiring Process
  • Step 3: Look for Openings on USAJOBS.gov
  • Step 4: Assess Your Soft Skills (Core Competencies)
  • Step 5: Analyze Keywords in Announcements
  • Step 6: Create Your Federal Resume – Preferably in the Outline Format – Read Hot Tips Here
  • Step 7: Write Your KSAs and Essays for Questionnaires
  • Step 8: Apply for Jobs
  • Step 9: Follow Up on Your Application
  • Step 10: Interview for the Job


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