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KSA Online Builder

Welcome to our CCAR Builder with the CCAR

This CCAR Builder will prompt you to tell a complete accomplishment with the popular and required CCAR elements - Context, Challenge, Action and Results.
You can just fill in the fields, and this content will be sent to you in your email.

KSA Builder
KSA Help | KSA Sample

Welcome to Resume Place's builder for writing KSA examples!

You will find fields to fill in for writing an interesting and compliant KSA statement supported by specific examples of how you have demonstrated a particular knowledge, skill or ability.

A popular and approved format - the CCAR "story": The form will guide you through writing your KSA with the Context, Challenge, Action, Result (CCAR) Model recommended by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  Federal personnel officers and hiring managers want to read specific examples that demonstrate your knowledge, skill or ability. Remember, a good KSA tells your story in an interesting and compelling way.

Develop your outline: The model serves as an outline; you will still need to edit your KSA to make it read in an interesting and fluid way.

What Goes Into the CCAR Model?

  • Context - title of your job or role you are playing in this example; the context sets the stage for your story.
  • Challenge - what was the challenge of this example or project? Why is this a good example for this particular KSA?
  • Action - what were your specific actions in this case? How do they show your mastery of this specific KSA?
  • Results - what happened? Again, how does this relate to the specific KSA?
  • Awards - did you get an award for this example? If so, that should be part of your results.
  • Specialized Training - what training do you have that supports this KSA? This is great to add, in addition to your story.

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optional introductory paragraph summarizing your experience which supports this KSA.
Be sure to use the language of the KSA to the extent possible.

Please fill in the following fields to give examples of your experience which supports this particular ECQ OR KSA. Fill in the fields for the CCAR Model, "Context, Challenge, Action, Results." For ECQ writing, the CCAR model is mandatory for each accomplishment example.

Context: Your title and office and dates where you demonstrated the particular knowledge, skill or ability.

Challenge: What was the challenge? Be sure to relate the challenge to the particular KSA. Was it the first time this had been done? Were there very tight deadlines? Was there a shortage of staff?

Action: What specific action(s) did you take to address the challenge? Did you research something? Did you answer difficult questions before a hostile audience? Did you figure out how to do more with less?





Results: What happened? (quantify with numbers if possible) Was the problem solved? Did you save money? Did you reduce processing time; if so by how much? Did you receive an award? Did your supervisor or customers make positive comments to you? Is there a performance evaluation comment which discusses your success?

Relevant Awards or Honors:

Name of Award:


Reason for Award:

Supervisor or Other Quote Supporting this KSA:

Statement or Quote:

In addition to your specific work experience, did you also take training that relates to the particular knowledge, skill or ability?

Relevant Training Courses or Degrees:

Congratulations, you have just completed a 1st draft of ONE of your KSA Statements!

What’s next?

Your ECQ / KSA CCAR narrative will be sent by email to the address you gave in the "Your email:" text box.

Copy and paste the email content into your favorite word processing format. Now that you have the basic CCAR story for your KSA or ECQ, you must now edit it so that it reads like impressive accomplishment. Be sure to format, edit and proofread.

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