Federal Job Hunt Maven in the Spotlight — Nice piece in the Washington Post in May of 2010 about Kathryn Troutman, federal resume and job hunting expert and erstwhile GovExec.com columnist. She has long been one of the world’s leading experts on navigating the federal hiring process.

Troutman says she deals with about 400 would-be federal employees every week. Her expertise is clearly in demand these days, and not just because the recession has driven many private sector folks out of their jobs. “The fact that there is a market for the services Kathryn provides is an indictment of the current [hiring] system,” John Palguta of the Partnership for Public Service told the Post. “You can’t figure it out without some help.” Tom Shoop, Editor-in-Chief, Government Executive Magazine.

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Margaret Riley Dikel, www.rileyguide.com writes about Kathryn Troutman

“I was introduced to Kathy when she published her first book, The Federal Resume Guidebook. I was impressed then with her advice on not just how to approach a Federal job search but all job searches. Since then, I have always found her advice on job search and resume preparation to be some of the best available. Her knowledge of the hiring process for the Federal government makes her the absolute best single source of information for this particular market.”