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Two Federal Resume Start-up Services to Choose from:

resume reportSee a sample Federal Resume and Announcement Report! In-depth information about your application + quote for professional writing services: (Click the image to the right.)

$99 Review$99 Federal Resume Review - a detailed, expert REPORT by a Certified Federal Resume Writer. An Assessment of your Federal Resume against one target USAJOBS Announcement. and recommendations for new content and format to match a Federal job announcement. Includes Quote for Professional Writing Services. Turnaround for the Resume Report is 3 working days.

$190 Review and Consult$190 Federal Resume Assessment and 30-min Consultation - includes the Report above and includes a 30-minute consultation about the report, findings and recommendations for your Federal Resume and job Search. Expert answers to your questions about your Federal job search and Federal resume. Includes Quote for Professional Writing Services. Turnaround for consultation is 3 working days. BEST SERVICE FOR TIGHT DEADLINES.

CLARIFICATION: This Federal Resume Assessment, Recommendations, and Report is not full-service rewriting of your federal resume. This report is an assessment of what is wrong with your Federal resume; what is missing; what can be added to improve your chances to get Best Qualified. WE will give you keywords for the job announcement, and a sample of a correct format. The $99 report is invaluable; the $190 is BETTER because your HR Assessment Specialist will talk to you about your federal resume and the improvements that are needed.
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Federal Resume Assessment and Report

Federal Resume Assessment and Report + 30 Min Consultation

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