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5/19/17: “Kathryn – I wanted to let you know that I was accepted into the program! Much thanks for helping me with the write-ups!” (DHS CDP SES)
4/17/17: “Pam, Thank you for all your work in tailoring my resume for the job announcement. I have been referred to the selection official for consideration.”
4/04/17: “Hi Rita. I’m a little shocked this happened so quickly, but it looks like I made the cert for that Program Spec. position.”
9/1/16: “Kathryn, Next week I start a promotion to GS-14 at the Department of the Navy. I continued to apply for promotions tailoring my resume as you suggested.”
7/11/16 Re: Federal Resume Guidebook: “Great resource! Got 9 out of 12 referrals using your guide! Thank you.”
7/11/16: “Hi Debbie: I wanted to tell you that I recently accepted a position as a GS-14 Labor and Employee Relations Specialist. I like the people that I work with.”
7/7/16: “Before reading Kathryn Troutman’s “Federal Resume Guidebook, 6th Edition” I submitted exactly 18 federal job applications and did not receive a single referral. After reading the book and retooling my resume, I was referred, interviewed and selected for the second job for which I applied! Wow!”
5/23/16: “Carla, I just wanted to let you know that I got multiple job offers after many rounds of interviews with different government agencies. I believe that the federally tailored resume that you drafted for me was very helpful in both securing the interview and being selected.”
2/16/16: “Hi Kathryn, As expected, I was offered a Fed job this afternoon. The hiring manager called to give me a heads up that I would be receiving a call from HR offering me the position. The job is ranked at a GS 12.”
2/5/16: “Kathryn and Sarah, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did to make my USA Jobs application a success! I have been selected for my dream job, and the first comment from the interview panel was; ‘Your resume is very impressive!’ “. COL ‘JD’
01/09/16: “Pam, I was notified this am that I had been referred for the Chemical Inspector position. Thanks for your help!”
“Hi just wanted to let you know I was offered a position with the Feds over $100,000.00 a year with your resume!! I submitted your excellent resume!!!! Going from private to federal!! Thank you!!!! My dream job!”
“Rita, BATTING 1000 … I got a job offer today for the job in Chattanooga. So… I have used The Resume Place twice, once in 2003 and now in 2015. Both times I have gotten the job I applied for. I will definitely refer The Resume Place in the future.”
“Hello Kathryn, just wanted to say hello and that i am a GS -13 now thanks to you and possibly soon making my 14.”
“Though I have a lot of experience I have a difficult time selling myself. I don’t really know how to “toot” my own horn, which is why I realized that I need professional help with my resume/application process.”
“Rita, I got a job offer today for the job in Charleston. So… I have used The Resume Place twice, once in 2003 and now in 2015. Both times I have gotten the job I applied for. I will definitely refer The Resume Place in the future.”
“Because of Debbie’s writing skills, I made the “cert” on five different job applications and interviewed for two of them — both of which tendered offers of employment at the GS-14, Step 7 level!”
“Rita – Yesterday I completed my first day in my new job at Dahlgren as a GS-14.. I have shifted from a cubicle to an office. Life is good.”


Steps in the Federal Resume Writing Process

  • Briefing Review from the Federal Career Consultant. First your Federal Resume Writer will obtain a briefing from your Federal Career Consultant about your federal job objectives, occupational series, specific vacancy announcement, and grade level. They will also review details about your objectives, challenges and past experiences.
  • Keywords. The Writer will analyze a target vacancy announcement for keywords. We will search for 7 to 10 keywords and phrases that are critical for the success of the resume. This keyword list will be given to you for review and consideration. This is basically your “branding” for this position, and possibly others. The keywords will be featured in your federal resume in our popular and successful Outline Format.
  • Document Review. Then you will provide any documents that you have that can help build the content for your federal resume, such as past resumes, performance evaluations, position descriptions, and awards.
  • Accomplishment Coaching and Discovery. Next, the Writer will talk to you about your accomplishments. The Writer will coach you in identifying 1 to 5 accomplishments, including the challenges and the results of each.  Write your Accomplishment Stories with our free CCAR Accomplishment Builder!
  • Relevant Experience. The Writer will talk to you about your relevant experience and skills. You’ll be briefed on what’s required for the resume to be Best Qualified.
  • Writing Begins! Your Certified Federal Resume Writer then gets busy with expert, marketable and impressive professional writing about YOU and your career accomplishments! You will receive at least two proofs of the resume, with the opportunity each time to review it and make changes. The focus of the federal resume is the last 10 years of your career and a secondary focus on the previous 10 years.

Request Quote for Federal Resume

The federal-style resume was introduced in 1996. Since the beginning, we have been on the forefront of creating the best federal resume formats and writing the best federal resumes!

Federal Resume Output

The average federal resume length is 4 or 5 pages. You’ll receive a paper-formatted resume that will be useful for either uploading into USAJOBS or copying and pasting into the Resume Builder. It will be your choice. Our federal resume will include all of the compliance details as required in the USAJOBS builder.

Federal Resume Production Timing

Your Federal Resume Writer will give you a schedule for the completion of the resume. We will also talk to you about the new content and make sure that you’re pleased with the language and direction of the new resume.

Testimonial from one of our valued clients:

Dear Kathryn/Resume Place:

Your resume and interview coaching worked too well!

After more than a year of trying to get a federal job while working as a contractor, I was not even getting referrals. Many of my coworkers weren’t, either. Others said it was who you know.

One of my students, a GS employee, referred me to The Resume Place, and now here I am in the position of turning down offers and second interviews for the choice of a GS11,12,13 with an agency I want to work for. I did not know a soul at any of these places!

It’s not who you know, but how your resume shows what you know and distinguishes you from the rest.

Thank you for all your help; my investment in The Resume Place was well worth the return! I can’t wait to use my skills to serve our USDA. Now I need to figure out how to withdraw all my referrals in USAJobs!

— Donna Morgan, Writer-Editor

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