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  • Pages:  60
  • Format: eBook (PDF) and Print
  • Published: Feb 2016
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9846671-9-2
  • Retail Price $49.95

From a Client:

“Closed, baby, closed. I wonder how many apps they got? I have to admit that but for the email alert from your office, I would have been SOL. Once again, thank you. I would never have known about the position, let alone know it became available and let alone be able to file a good response in one day.”

“You created a resume for me in May 2014 (I got the job, thanks!). Is your company offering ALJ application assistance again this year? As I’m sure you’ve heard, OPM will be reopening testing within the next few months.”


Application Writing and Test Preparation for Administrative Law Judge Candidates

Authors: Nicole Schultheis and Kathryn Troutman

2nd Edition now available in eBook and print ($49.95)
Order now to prepare for the 2016 ALJ announcement

The 2016 ALJ Announcement is coming. This book contains valuable insight and samples including:

● Sample federal resumes for ALJ candidates
● Sample qualifying administrative law and litigation narratives
● Definitions for all 13 competencies tested in 2013*
● Review of all changes in ALJ hiring since 2009 including the innovative 2013 ALJ exam.

*OPM did not provide definitions in the 2013 announcement.

We cannot know the contents of the 2016 exam until the announcement is posted, and do not have access to actual test questions from the 2013 ALJ exam. But, we have reviewed sample test materials and examination strategies published by OPM and other agencies that use similar techniques. Tests such as the Situational Judgment Test, Logic Based Measurement Test, Experience Assessment, and Structured Interview (used in the 2013 ALJ exam) are used in other Federal hiring contexts. We are very familiar with the structured accomplishment writing that candidates use to compete favorably for senior level jobs across government.

Central to federal hiring is the testing of behaviorally-based competencies, typically by evaluating examples of a candidate’s past performance. The ALJ Guide, 2nd Edition, walks readers through the process of accomplishment writing, helping candidates become their own best advocates in developing narratives that address the factors OPM is most likely to assess. These narratives provide rich source material and an opportunity to practice for written and oral questions that may arise in the ALJ assessment.

The ALJ Writing Guide 2nd Edition, is the best available resource for any attorney who would like to compete for a slot on the Administrative Law Judge register and ultimately be selected for an ALJ position.

About The Authors

  • Nicole Schultheis is an AV-rated attorney, former appellate judicial clerk and trial lawyer with state and federal courtroom experience, Nicole is also an experienced HR and executive writer, journalist, and scientific and technical writer with federal agency experience
  • Kathryn Troutman is the leading expert in federal resume writing, and a best-selling author with seven current publications on federal career development.
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