" ... Adams is a seasoned troubleshooter who has the respect of the State Department. He can be tossed into the worst of circumstances and turn the situation around ... "
Jack Anderson
The Washington Post
May 7, 1990

" ... Americans can be proud of the role played by their Ambassador, Alvin Adams. Since his arrival a year ago, Ambassador Adams has held firm for democratic
principle ..."
New York Times editorial
December 18, 1990

" ... Alvin Adams, the able and outspoken U.S. Ambassador, publicly champions human rights."
New York Times editorial
January 30, 1990

"For acts of heroism, taken at great personal risk, to protect the safety and well-being of President Aristide during the September, 1991 coup in Haiti."
U.S. State Department
Citation with Award for Valor
January 28, 1992

" ... Adams, 50, is a seasoned, "blue chip" senior Foreign Service Officer. Adams' mission has been to promote democracy at any cost. He arrived there in 1989 with the mission of ousting the military government. His tie loosened and his coat slung over his shoulders, Adams played to the street mob of Port au Prince ... He is to be assigned next to Peru where the U.S. insists that President Fujimori restore the democratic systems under which his country is dying. Adams is well prepared for that mission.
Evans and Novak
The Washington Post
April 29, 1992

"U.S. Ambassador Alvin Adams, who in three years irritated dictators and pushed for Haiti's first democratic elections, ended his tour Saturday. After the coup in September, 1991, Adams issued such outspoken condemnations that anti-Aristide leaders demanded that the diplomat be declared persona non grata ..."
Associated Press
The Miami Herald
August 1, 1992

" ... The one bright spot in the news is U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, Alvin Adams. His fluency in Creole and his firm speeches on democracy have made him a hit with the desperate masses."
Jack Anderson
The Washington Post
February 5, 1990

" ... I cannot conceive how a Chief of Mission could do more or with greater distinction than Al has done in the past year. Al epitomizes the blend of leadership, dynacism and intellectual skill needed at the highest levels of the Department ..."
Bernard Aronson
Assistant Secretary of State
May 1, 1992

" ... Morale (at the embassy in Haiti) is sky high. There is a remarkable esprit de corps ... The mood starts with a barely concealed pride in the staff in our Ambassador -- who is charismatic on general policy leadership. The Ambassador's open attitude toward criticism and debate have further fostered a sense of participation ..."
Report of Inspection
Embassy Port au Prince
February, 1991

" ... I know him to be a very capable, broad-gauged officer ... He is one of a special cadre of Foreign Service professionals - the shock troops of our diplomacy - with the grit, savvy, imagination and hard-headedness needed by this Department."
George Shultz
Secretary of State
May 4, 1988

" ... It is a tribute to the Foreign Service that persons of such professional skills are in service to our great nation."
Alexander Haig
Secretary of State
June, 1992

" ... It is therefore of great satisfaction to me that he has done so well, not only because he serves me personally, but also because he exemplifies the talent and competence which the Foreign Service possesses generally. Mr. Adams has proven himself."
Henry Kissinger
Secretary of State
October, 1975

" ... Mr. Adams is an outstanding Foreign Service Officer. He is a credit to the Service and has all the potential to rise to the most responsible of positions ..."
Henry Kissinger
Assistant to the President
for National Security Affairs
September, 1974

" ... He has a quick and analytical mind which goes immediately to the heart of the matter at hand. He is decisive and courageous in defending his decisions. The Secretary (Kissinger) respects and seeks Adams view on policy matters ... "
Lawrence Eagleburger
Executive Assistant to the
Secretary of State
October, 1975

" ... Among his particularly impressive qualities are discipline and coolness under severe pressure, judgment and maturity, initiative, persistence and total sense of dedication. Perhaps most importantly, he is a hard-headed officer and one of the few who regularly is willing to stake his job in carrying out his assignments."
Lawrence Eagleburger
Executive Assistant to the
Secretary of State
October, 1974