Jobseekers’ Guide 7th and PowerPoint Rolled Out at MacDill AFB

The Jobseeker’s Guide 7th Edition Has Arrived!

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Ten Steps class from MacDill AFB, Airmen & Family Readiness June 2-4, 2015. All attendees are ready to teach the Ten Steps at their base to help their attendees get Best Qualified, Referred, Interviewed, and Hired into federal civil service jobs!   

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Last week, Kathryn and Emily taught the newest installment of the Ten Steps to a Federal Job® program based on the about-to-be-released Jobseeker’s Guide, now in its 7th Edition! We are continuing to improve this best-selling publication and the certification program that is built around it by using all of the feedback we have gotten over the years. We think this new edition is better than ever.


Highlights from the book and training program:

Introduction: The focus of the program is on class activities.

We open with our very popular exercise “How many hats do you wear at work?” This kickoff lesson gets the class inspired to focus on thinking creatively about their job responsibilities that will later turn into the “Outline Format” federal resume. This is easy to teach and fun for everyone.

is another critically important class activity to get people thinking about their accomplishments. We heard the typical push-backs, “I don’t have any accomplishments… I just do my job…. how can I take credit for what my team did?” However, we cannot stress enough how important it is that every jobseeker add two to five accomplishments into the federal resume in order to get Best Qualified, referred, and “invited to an interview.”

Step 1: Review the Federal Job Process

We have added lots of new information in this step, including two new lists of DOD and Intelligence agencies. These lists have already received fantastic feedback, because so many military personnel want to work at these agencies. With these lists, which were originally researched by Ellen Lazarus from our staff, you can easily read about the organizations’ missions, number of people employed, and types of positions available. This information is not readily found anywhere else that we are aware of!

Troy Johnson, Kathryn Troutman, and Mark Stanford, MacDill AFB Airman & Family Readiness Center

Step 2: Networking

LinkedIn is more important than ever. Check out a new sample for “Dan Low,” who was a Rifleman from Afghanistan, graduated from college, and now is networking for a Special Agent position. A side note about Dan’s application: he didn’t get hired for his first application, because he deflated his Questionnaire answers. We talk about this in class and how to avoid that problem!

Step 3: Research Vacancy Announcements on USAJOBS

A good target job announcement is the kick off for a great federal resume, and this chapter has been updated with new announcements. In class we had great discussions about why the Specialized Experience section of an announcement is the “pot of gold.”

Step 4: Analyze Your Core Competencies

The core competencies are more important in a resume than ever, especially customer service, flexibility, and problem solving.

Step 5: Find Keywords

In our training, we always talk about the BIGGEST MYTH IN FEDERAL HIRING, the notion that “USAJOBS’ resumes are read by a machine.” USAJOBS is NOT an automated keywords system. Actual people review the resumes in USAJOBS. The old Army CPOL and Navy CHART Resumix systems ended in 2010. Now the resumes must be written with keywords for human readers. This chapter has new examples of keywords with more emphasis on keywords than ever.

Angel Rivera from Rota, Spain Fleet & Family Support Center. Flew in for recertification in Ten Steps!

Step 6: Write Your Outline Format Federal Resume (the most important step in all of the ten steps)

VERY IMPORTANT feature: I have included the BEFORE and AFTER of each of these resumes, so that your jobseekers can see what does NOT work for a federal resume! There are three new samples in this chapter:

  1. Mariano – New graduate with degree in Philosophy, Helicopter Repairer,seeking a federal job. Success: he landed a GS 9/12 position as Program Analyst with FEMA. This is a career change resume.
  2. Bill – Musician, Band Leader, Reservist with complex, multiple Reserve deployments and civilian career in retail music department management. We blended the Reserves and civilian skills to show contract specialist and business experience. He landed a GS 9/12 position with DOD in Contract Specialist work.
  3. Bobbi – Military Spouse, working in 0101 series and now working at The Resume Place as Ten Steps Coordinator. Her resume was successful with Program S – got matched and the resume scored pretty well in her registration. She didn’t get offered the DOD job because her two years on PCS orders were over.

Step 7: KSAs, Accomplishments, and Questionnaires

KSAs were eliminated, so now they are everywhere! Our CCAR method of presenting your accomplishments in your resume, application, or interview is still highly approved by federal HR specialists.

Step 8: Apply for Jobs with USAJOBS

This chapter again emphasizes that KSAs are everywhere in the federal application. The Questionnaire is a danger zone because of the rampant deflation of the questionnaires. We emphasized heavily that the applicant “must give themselves all the credit that they can” with the self-assessment questionnaire. New information is included about the Civil Service Exam or Occupational Assessment.

Step 9: Track and Follow-up (one of my favorite steps)

A job applicant CAN follow-up and find out what happened. We do it all the time. Chapter includes new examples of Notice of Results.

Step 10: Interview for a Federal Job

The interview is a test, and that fact continues to be true! Preparation and practice are critical, and the exercises in the book are great starting points for interview prep.

NEW SECTION IN THE BOOK: Federal Staffing Resources

 To make the curriculum easier to work through, we moved the information about Veteran’s Preference, Program S for Military Spouses, Category Rating, and other hiring programs to the back of the book. After the Ten Steps are taught, this information can be discussed based on the class membership or client needs.



The Jobseeker’s Guide 7th Edition has arrived! Until July 6th, take advantage of our special price of $7.00 per book (no shipping fee within the 50 States) if you order 100 or more.

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7th Edition PowerPoints Now Available!

New 7th Edition Ten Steps PowerPoints and resources are now available for current licensed Ten Steps to a Federal Job® CFJST / CFCC trainers and advisors. Please contact us for your individual access to our licensed PPTs.

  • Long Version: For a full day presentation on the Ten Steps to a Federal Job®. Broken up into three PowerPoints (PPTs). Includes all critical topics from the Jobseeker’s Guide 7thEdition.
  • Short Version without Veterans Preference information: For a 60-min to three-hour presentation. One PPT with about 100 slides, without veteran’s preference information. Includes a break slide after steps 4 and 7 for class review.
  • Short Version with Veterans Preference information: One PPT, about 110 slides.
  • Short PPT with Veterans preference and wounded warrior slides: One PPT, about 150 slides.

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