Post 9/11 VETS – 68% Hired or Interviewed for a Federal Job with Professional Writing and Coaching – Part I

The odds are good that you will get an interview or get hired for a federal job, if you invest in a professional federal resume writer and coach to begin your search.

A quote from shows that a 68% chance of success is a good bet. The site notes that “The best professional bettors would be delighted with a winning percentage between 56 and 58 percent. Yes, really. They’re wise enough to know that will produce a healthy profit over the long run.”

The Resume Place, Inc. experts in writing federal resumes for military produced a study of successes among 45 federal resume service clients. All were Post 9/11 veterans who worked with us in 2014.

We asked what their results were. Thirty-one clients replied. Fifteen had been hired into a federal position within six months, and 6 others had federal interviews. This is a 68 percent success rate for getting hired or interviewed.

Our success rate beats the top gamblers’ risk rate of 57 to 58 percent. Each of the veterans spent an average of $700 on the coaching and federal resume writing. Twenty-one of them attained a position or got into the interview room for a job that ranged from $35K to $90K. These positions with the government are long-term and it’s really hard to get fired. The government has a 95% retention rate for most permanent Civil Service Employees.

The average age of this group of Post 9/11 Vet clients was 25. Therefore, if they have a work expectancy to age 60, that mean 35 years on the job. The average yearly earnings in the government is $65,000. Therefore, the $700 initial federal resume investment resulted in a net of $2.1 million, plus excellent benefits.

Additionally, if you were hired as a GS 11, Step 1, you would increase your step every two years – then every three years. The Cost of Living Allowances go up on average 1 percent each year. So, even if you NEVER applied for a new position, your salary would go up each year slightly with the increased steps within a certain grade and the cost of living adjustments.

So the $700 initial investment will pay off substantially over your 35-year federal career.

Why not invest in a professional writer and coach if you would like to obtain a federal job? Just look at the numbers, the odds and make a decision about the investment. Go with the odds, invest and land a federal job.


Note: Part II will present the 5 reasons your federal resume and federal job search will be much more powerful with professional help from The Resume Place, In

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