A Surprising New Job Announcement Trend

Hurry Up and Apply

Too late

Have you seen this new feature on federal job postings?

This announcement has an application limit of 100 applications and will close to the receipt of applications once this limit has been reached.

Hurry up and apply, because the job will close as soon as 100 other people submit their resumes! At the Resume Place, we found dozens of job listings touting resume limits instead of traditional closing dates. Amazingly, the most popular limit seems to be only 50 resumes.

This is a brand new challenge. Human resource officials are tired of slogging through hundreds or even thousands of applications for each job opening. We found the feature on jobs as varied as Student Internship and senior manager.

The resume limit has been adopted by numerous agencies and was included on announcements from the Veteran’s Administration, Smithsonian, National Galleries of Art, Department of Transportation, NIST, Treasury, Department of Defense, and Social Security Administration … to name only a few!

It’s amazing, but some announcements are limited to only 15-30 applications.

Here’s a summary of what we found on USAJOBS:

  • Limit of 15 applications (1 announcement)
  • Limit of 25 applications (1 announcement)
  • Limit of 30 applications (1 announcement)
  • Limit of 50 applications (17 announcements)
  • Limit of 75 applications (7 announcements)
  • Limit of 100 applications (7 announcements)
  • Limit of 200 applications (9 announcements)
  • Limit of 300 applications (1 announcement)

For applicants, this is going to make applying for a federal job even more difficult. But you can be prepared!

  • Do you have your keyword-targeted federal resume ready-to-go?
  • Is it uploaded onto USAJOBSalready?
  • Do you have your documents uploaded on USAJOBS? SF-50? Transcripts?
  • Do you have a list of your Top Ten career accomplishments? This can help you answer questionnaires in a hurry

If you are getting ready to apply to a job, but there aren’t any current openings online, you can still prepare a targeted resume by reviewing OPM’s Position Classification Standards. That’s the document human resources professionals use to write announcements.

Be aware that if you are currently looking at announcements on USAJOBS in order according to Closing Dates, the announcements with resume limits don’t pop up first. They say, 50 resume limit OR a closing date of June 16 at Midnight. So the only way to know for sure is to click on each announcement separately.

If you have an email alert set up to email you when certain series become available, make sure you check it out right away! Let us know if you need help preparing your resume. Remember that time is of the essence, now more than ever before.

If you need help getting your resume ready to apply, feel free to contact us for an absolutely free estimate to discuss our services.

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