Three Important New Years Resolution’s for Your Federal Job Search!

Happy New Year from The Resume Place

Do you know the top three new year’s resolutions for Americans in 2012?

#1 Lose Weight

#2 Reduce Stress

#3 Financial Management

The same three resolutions are also critical for success in your federal job search. Let me show you how:

#1 Lose Weight

Make Your Resume Lean AND Mean!

Every day, we see federal resumes that are 10 pages or more in length and STILL do not clearly hit the important information critical to a successful resume. Trim your resume down by cutting out the irrelevant information. Then make your resume mean: flex your best muscles by focusing your resume on what the hiring officials are actually seeking in a potential applicant: your accomplishments and specialized experience. Your resume should be 5 to 7 pages in (printed) length and targeted for EACH vacancy announcement for which you are applying.

#2 Reduce Stress

Knowledge is power.

Doing something over and over with little result is stressful, especially when it comes to job hunting and if you are not currently employed. Repeated application failure and financial pressure can easily wear down even the strongest person. Is all that stress really necessary? To reduce your job search stress, take the guesswork out and take real control of your federal job search. Make sure you have the right resume, the right strategy, and that you are applying for the right jobs. With today’s stiff competition for the federal jobs, anything less will likely not be successful.

#3 Financial Management

Time is money.

Do you really to want to spend this upcoming year applying unsuccessfully for federal jobs? Doesn’t that mean a potential huge loss of income, benefits, and retirement savings? Many people view the price of getting professional help with their resume as expensive, but we also think that NOT getting professional help with your resume has some serious financial costs.

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